[Sephirotic]Neon Genesis Evangelion 1-26 DC+EoE [MULTI][BD 1080p 8bits v2.22] COMPLETE

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Uploaded by: sephirotic
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Date: 7/18/2016, 10:19:00 PM UTC+0
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Patch if you downloaded the V2 version to apply here and help seed:


The final corrected v2.22 version of the definitive "(almost)perfect" batch collection of Evangelion is finally here.
Episodes 1-20, 21'-24', (DC only) 25, 26 + End of Evangelion Film
1080p 8 bits ~1,8 gbs per episode
QAAC 5.1


1) Acess my mega folder here: https://mega.nz/#F!roBS0bzS!yheQbwYWX7WMt7Q_lqBULg
2) Download the audio files in your language: (Evangelion>Audio Tracks and Dubs>English DUB)
3) Put the files in the same foder as the Episodes
4) Make sure they have the SAME filename, (do NOT change the extension for obvious reasons!)
5) Open the video file in Media Player Classic normally (curretly this method does not work with VLC or Daum)
6) The new audio track should be detected, you will have to change it manually and disable the subs, easy way: Press SHIFT+A.and SHIFT+S. (if you use Vsfilter SHIFT+S won't work you can still disable it by right clicking on the video)
7) Download English-Title subs (same folder as dub audio) and put them in the same folder with the same name of the audio file. Swap subs with SHIFT+S
Pic related bellow. This way is much easier than remuxing everything and has the HUGE PLUS SIZE in not breaking the torrenting and helping me seeding it in the long run, Thank You :3

By the way, dub sux, in any non-original language, you shouldn't be doing this anyway.

English (Default, Manga ADV translation)
Portuguese (by me, Sephirotic, QC from romaNii)
Arabic (Memories-Fansub)
Chinese (Eva Fans)
French (? possible ripped from the DVD)
German (Ripped from the DVD)
Italian (Dynit)
Russian (МФТИ)
Spanish (Selecta and OPDR based)
Japanese (BD sups)

Color and Exposure correction for episodes: 1, 2, 8, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23 and 24. Exclusive for this release.

Primary: 5.1 renewal mix QAAC 0.91 Japanese
Secondary: 2.0 stereo "legacy" pre-renewal mix. QAAC 0.73 Japanese.
Legenda em Português nova exclusiva feita por mim e QC por romaNii, melhor do que a em Inglês!

As most of you guys know, the previous batch here: #814161 Had two video corruption issues (as well as some minor mislabeled issues). The corruption issues were big enough to make me decide to do a new patch fixing them to my dismay, as this will kill the seeders and longevity of the torrent. Anyway, if you have downloaded the previous batch YOU DON'T NEED TO DOWNLOAD ALL THIS TORRENT AGAIN! JUST RELOAD THE OLD BATCH AND APPLY THE PATCH! I did add a new bonus here for those that download the torrent!

Get the V2-V2.22 patch here:
Or from my Evangelion mega folder:

Uploading at 30mbits/s

Basic info for the patch

I'm sorry it took so much time for the fixed batch and the patch. I decided to do a thorough job to make sure no more major problems remains and I got delayed due to my pos graduation exams. The older V2 torrent is now hiden.

The patch is divided in two: First for episodes 3 and 26, second for the EoE which are the two major files which had issues, and a third one for episodes 16, 14, 21, 22 23 and 24 had only small subs and container fixes.

Just extract the patch zips at the same folder and run the .bat
Make sure the filenames are the same of the original V2 batch torrent.
Also make sure when loading the torrent, that you alter the "v2" to "v2.22" on the folder filename to sync the files properly.
The original files will automatically be deleted after completion of the patch.

If you find this too complicated just delete episode 3, 14, 16, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26 and EoE and download them again.

I'd really appreciate if you could load the v2.22 batch torrent and help seed the new batch. As a bonus, I've added an ORDERED CHAPTER MKV FILE with the EoE 25' and 26' joined in a single file and a single timeline for those that wanted a more "filmic" feeling. It loads the video of episodes 25' and 26' together and out of order: The dedicatory from 26' is at the beginning of the movie, most of the Logos of 25' are cut off, the Thanatos credits are swapped to the end, and the repeated Shinji screaming is removed from 25', cutting from the "It's the devil himself" line from the guy on JSSDF directly to the "End of Evangelion" title card of 26'.
Download the torrent check it out, (If you have problems with the conjoined EoE version read the patch README for more help with it)


This is a "high quality 1080p release" for storing purposes of Evangelion aimed at all fans around the world of the series.
I'm not a "release group", I'm just a die hard Eva fan who happens to know about video editing and was sad that no one decided to pick this job seriously to the level of attention to detail a fan like myself would have wanted. This release is not perfect, but it's the closest we could have to a "perfect" collection in my view, as an Evafan.

This was made literally, by fans to fans.

NO DUB AUDIO, however, if you REALLY WANT dub track, refer to the "dub folders" in my mega and the jpg there as how to add the tracks easily without remuxing the files thus killing the seed of the batch.

If you don't know, Episode 16 film master was lost by Gainax and the one used for the BD release is a hideous SD master. The episode present in this release is a heavily filtered upscale with some fake grain (if you don't want fake grain I have a 720p version in my torrent profile, check it out)
Thanks A LOT TO FUSSOIR for kindly giving me his filter chain for episode 16.

Detailed Information:

Why download this and not the other releases? Why is this better?
First most obvious reason is the complete pack including EoE, no one made one like that, second is all the languages, and third is the video quality with color correction.
Regarding the latter:
Only 2 releases attempted to preserve all the film grain besides this, one is 2D4U's, the other is Yurasyk's.

Yurasyk's has a very good filter chain for episode 16 but he overused the fake grain, which is a shame. He also didn't touch colors or exposure, but the biggest issue of Yurasyk's is that the filesizes are extremely bloated, often going above 4gb per episode. Not to mention it's a raw release with no subtitles. Nevertheless, if you are an elitist and for whatever reason don't want to download the BD m2ts, this is the most extreme release to go.

2D4U did a very good job in his release, he is from a quality release group and knows more than me about Avisynth. He helped me a lot in fine tuning the encode settings and scripts for this release, we discussed together, episode by episode as my V1 was being released issues of specific episodes. 2D4U was also the only one who attempt at color correction besides me, although he has only fixed episodes 1, 2, 16 and 19 and his corrections were not as thorough as mine. I have spent an average of 15 hours color correcting each episode. I'd recommend 2D4U if you really want 10 bits and English dub audio on his release, (although you can grab the dub audio files from my mega folder) however, 2D4U, with all due respect, kinda left us alone when he never released a v2 for his episode 19 and 22 which had excessive chroma degrain which resulted in noticeable ghosting artifacts. Until he release a v2, I don't recommend getting his episodes past 18. Also, if you want color corrections for episode 16, 19 and the DC, the only release that have them is mine. 2D4U's episode 16 has excessive Dehalo which created tertiary halo artifacts which he didn't remove, resulting in some glow and artifact lines and reduced sharpness. Fussoir has the absolute best filter-chain for episode 16 and was kind enough to give it to me for my release. Together with my color correction, this resulted in the best possible episode 16 being from my release, second best is Fussoir, only because I couldn't finish my color correction in time so he could use in his release.

Speaking of which, Fussoir is your best pick if you want reduced filesizes and don't care much for grain. His encoding settings are excellent and he has my color correction into his episode 19 which I gladly provided to him. I personally recommend the 720p release from him, the HEVC one has an amazing quality x size ratio. He also has subs and (também tem legendas em português que são um versão antiga da minha deste release SEM QC, mas apesar de errinhos aqui e ali ainda tem uma boa qualidade) dubs for several languages, which however, could be a downside bloating a little his release.

How about CBM? It's the one with the more seeds.
CBM did a good job with his typesetting, I personally even prefer his font choices than 2D4U, but his 720p encode is unfortunately, subpar. No filtered episode 16 and no color correction. Fussoir's 720p is simply better in all aspects. Having more seeds doesn't mean a better release, just that a release group is more famous. Do you really think YIFY quality was V10A10?
If you have problem with seeds with my release, just send me an email and I'll seed for you, but only if the seeds reaches ZERO. I hope this doesn't happen so soon, by the way.

For 720p, I'll be doing my own release, very similar to Fussoir's 720p hevc, although with even smaller filesize without the dub audio (I expect around 7 gigabytes for everything, including the movie!). Wait forward for it!

The EoE is also exclusive as it has the best subtitles ever released, more information regarding that in the Sub information section bellow:

Where is Death and Rebirth or Death true^2?
I prefer Death from Death and Rebirth than true^2 myself.
Please refer to this torrent if you are a completist:


I have kept it outside the batch for not bloating the filesize too much.
Regarding the Subs:

First of all, please refer to my mega folder at:

As long as Mega exists, I'll post updated versions of all subs in all languages I have for Eva there resynced for the BD.
I also intend to provide DUB tracks synced to the episodes there.
If MEGA ever dies, then I'll put all the files into my dropbox or drive, but if this happen you will have to check out Evageeks or here in the description Nyaa for a new

English subs:
Typesetting was borrowed from RX782, which itself had its script borrowed from Bloat.
Bloat used the Platinum Subs translation by ADV Films which is pretty decent, more to the literal side.
The secondary English subs is from an Ancient sub Called "Central ANime". It's not bad, but not as good as ADV.
RX used a couple of very large fonts with Japanese chars in this releases. For the sake of saving around 1gb
I decided to remove them (as well as arabic and chinese fonts) from the .mkv files and stored them separately on the extra fonts folder. Please install them manually from there on your system. Don't worry they are for minor signs and they look pretty much like Times New Roman, if you don't want to bother, you won't notice any difference if you don't install them.
2D4U did some basic decent typesetting, but nothing too fancy. He also did improve the timing of the subs a little bit, but I noticed the quality of his work kinda of dropped from episode 17 onwards. Episode 17 and 21in particular had horrible double, triple and even quadruble overlaying subs with no proper distinction in style, kinda of a mess. I simply didn't have the time of manpower to fine tune and improve the eng subs, however I DID FIX SOME PROBLEMS of the subs, mainly some critical terms such as "lance of longinus vs spear of longinus" "Hall of gaf" vs "Chamber of guf" and the mess in the beginning of episode 21 has proper styling by me.

The movie, however, has brand new Subtitles made from scratch, as none of the existing subtitles were good enough.
Pretty much all release around used BLOAT's subtitles which itself is based from from Manga entertainment,
which has several lines WRONGLY translated and Lazy timing with too much doubled lines. There is an even older release, from Central Anime, which had less critical errors, but had more minors ones. Still not good enough.
How about Commie's End of Evangelion?
Bloated and even with all the tyepesetting they failed to fix the major mistakes of the subs.

My release used the latter as a basis, some lines are from Manga's, but most lines are adapted from Bochan_bird's translation script from
Evaotaku.com still, his translation still had some minor mistakes which led me to refer to some of my own Japanese, an English dictionary,
and discussions with people from Evageeks for several improved lines. QC is from pwhodges but some minor typo mistakes may still be
present as I didn't want to find another person do to one extra final proofread. Nevertheless, this should be the best subtitle for
EoE we ever had.

Portuguese subs:
They were made from scratch by me for the ENTIRE series. which took a good amount of time.
Nenhuma das traduções nacionais de Eva eram decentes, todas baseadas do inglês, obviamente.
Entretanto para o meu release, eu tive a sorte de conseguir um EXCELENTE QC de portugal
que fez um trabalho super minucioso revisando tudoMais de duas vezes.
Revisamos juntos do próprio japonês, kanji a Kanji CENTENAS de linhas. Ouso dizer que essa tradução está melhor que a em inglês.

A legenda usa sufixos de tratamento (honoríficos) e ordem inversa de Sobrenome + nome como é falada. Considerei converter a legenda
para uma segunda versão sem honoríficos mas isso iria atrasar muito o release, se houver interesse, talvez considere fazê-lo a parte e divulgar um zip na pasta de legendas do MEGA.

Russian and Arabic subs:
Both this subs seems to be the best versions available for their respective languages and based on ADV's subs.
Russian in particular seem to be very good with excellent typesetting, they are from МФТИ
Arabic subs have some very large fonts for this releases. I stored them separately on the extra fonts folder. Please install them manually from there on your system.

Spanish Subs are both mediocre and only one of the tracks have barely decent titles. I'm sorry but I couldn't afford spending the time to
typeset all secondary languages. They are based on their own translation AFAIK, not from the BLOAT.
Use them at your own discretion if you don't feel comfortable enough with English.

Italian subs have proper titles, the translations are likely from their local DVD too. An italian pal kindly told me they are from Dynit and have a good translation.

French Subs are the same from Fussoir release. They are different from the previous version I had. They seem decent, although I'm not
so sure about the choice of font by Fussoir, I decided not to change they since they may be the type of font French people like.

German Subs are based from the DVD sold there and I heard they are good too.

Chinese subs primary track were recently provided by bodayw and its from "EVA FANS". He told me this is considered the best Chinese subs for Eva
around. From what I could see, the timing is really excellent and there are background lines not present in any other version around.
However, like the English subs, they use Chinese fonts that are several megabytes large, so YOU WILL HAVE TO ADD THE FONTS MANUALLY
TO YOUR SYSTEM IF YOU DON'T HAVE THEM! The files are on the "extra fonts folder". I used the traditional Chinese track for them.
Also, the EoE subs styles are garbled on my PC and I could't fix the correct subs for them.
The older Chinese track is a legacy translation based on old Central Anme subs in Simplified Chinese, I don't know how decent they are.

The End of Evangelion doesn't have Arabic subs.

Encoding Information:

Encode and exclusive color correction was made by Sephirotic scene by scene as to fix some serious Exposition and inconsistent color issues.
I have done a NEUTRAL JOB correcting the color for episodes 1,2 8, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23 and 24. I HAVEN'T TOUCHED director's photography choices
at all!

Please refer for my articles at wordpress for specific case by case explanations about the criteria of the color correction and the issues encountered.

I have received many critics by not using 10 bits.
Let's make this clear: 10 bits advantage is mostly regarding flat gradient areas. But with dithered noise, 8 bit is enough to display proper gradients without looking bad. 10 bits x264 only encodes such dithered noise much more efficiently than 8 bits x264. But keep in mind that no extra color information is added to the release, YOUR OWN MONITOR IS ONLY 8 bits.
These advantage is only valid FOR DIGITAL ANIME! NOT FOR OLD CELL ANIMATION!
Cell animation have film grain which kinda works like how banding filters works, but naturally. Since I decided to preserve the gain, as removing it always results in losing some fine detail, there is no point in using 10 bits. The extra efficiency of the 10bits x264 codec would be less than 5%.
Very simple proof of that is the screenshot comparisons with the 2D4U release.

Keep in mind, that for my 720p HEVC release, I have used 10 bit encoding as it's denoised.

Another reason for choosing 8 bits is for the extra compatibility it provides. I used 12 reference frames instead of 16 to keep it inside the 5.0 Level.
Any cheap android device can play these files via hardware, although I shoudln't be watching this on 5" screen, mind you!.
The choice of only 5 bframes is for another reason, too many B frames may increase encoding efficiency but accumulates more fine detail losses, and thus is worse for preserving the grain. The same applies for mb-tree which is off for this release.
(Please excuse English mistakes in this description)

Audio is, of course, not FLAC as FLAC is placebo and a silly meme at least for anime. (For musical archival is a different matter)
If you don't believe yourself, try taking an ABC-HR (double blind test) to see if you can really perceive any quality difference.

More information can be found on my wordpress page and on Evageeks.
You can contact me with further inquiries here:

Much Obliged/Muito Obrigado.
Next projects:

-"Extras" batch torrent for the BD extras.
-Standalone EoE torrent with Death^2 (aka Revival of Evangelion) and Unified Ordered Chapter .mkv linking the two chapter as one movie.
-V2 with improved subtitles for Death and Rebirth as well as a 5.1 audio track reused from Death true^2 with extra scenes borrowed from the series and mixed by me.
-720p version of this batch in HEVC.
-3.33 16:9 conversion. This is mostly done: A release converting the incoherent 2.35:1 aspect ratio of 3.33 to go on par with the rest of the trilogy. It will be reframed scene by scene and PROPERLY FULL SCREEN WITH NO BLACK BARS 1920x1080 (actually, 1600x900).
-Broadcast episode 16 special remaster
-Evangelion "ReConstructed": A personal autistic project of mine: Splicing the episodes 1-24 together into 3 films. I'll talk about it more in a latter occasion
-Girs und Panzer the Movie

Here is a collection of comparison screenshots I have collected from previous torrents, I'll add and sort them better eventually.

Some Color issues originally in the BD:
New one:
EoE V2 vs Commie
Is 10 bit and bloated filesize really that much better? Your call:
(WARNING: Titles are inverted! Diffpics always put the larger image first and fail to swap the titles, while trying to reupload everything, Diffpics discard the new uploaded pictures and give you the old link, unfortunately. Also, Pictures 10 and 11 have a slightly chroma degrain for keeping the bitrate in sane levels with the fake digital grain in it so Commie has a little bit more fake grain only in those occassions, in the expense of more than DOUBLE the framesize (check coded frame size)).


My 1080p fake grain 16 release vs 2D4U's vs Fussoirs:

Episode 16 10 bit 720p release, an overall comparison of the color grading vs the original BD vs the Original Broadcast (which has much better colors as it was telecined from the original 16mm master back in 1996):

Instead of resizing the 00008.m2ts SS, I used CBM's release to give an idea of how an ordinary unfiltered releases fares.
I'll add some more comparisons later.

Episode 19:

Vs Yurasik:


Ep 01:


1 7/18/2016, 10:29:00 PM UTC+0 Escraft
Thanks a lot!! :)
2 7/18/2016, 10:35:00 PM UTC+0 sephirotic
I'm the one that appreciate the patience.
Don't forget to apply the patch and please help seeding!
3 7/18/2016, 10:36:00 PM UTC+0 Canzah
/a/utism speaks
4 7/18/2016, 10:37:00 PM UTC+0 herkz
You should put the description in spoiler tags so people don't have to scroll down forever to get past it.
5 7/18/2016, 10:41:00 PM UTC+0 Canzah
^ What she said.
6 7/18/2016, 10:49:00 PM UTC+0 sephirotic
7 7/18/2016, 10:54:00 PM UTC+0 hughsurname

I lol'd

But yeah, spoiler tags are great for organizing descriptions. Example using () instead of [] - (spoiler="Screenshot comparisons (click to toggle)") links here(/spoiler) and repeat. Its easier to find stuff that way, and you can leave the important stuff outside so people will actually see it
8 7/18/2016, 10:56:00 PM UTC+0 Canzah
U wot, it's still an essay.
9 7/18/2016, 11:08:00 PM UTC+0 tbb20133
there aren't many people with your level of dedication. i may not agree with some of your choices (the FLAC one in particular, nothing you said was incorrect but having FLAC audio allows me to extract sounds/voices losslessly for various projects of mine), but i can still appreciate the work you've put in.

thanks for the release and i look forward to your girls und panzer release
10 7/18/2016, 11:53:00 PM UTC+0 tssu
Seeded 590 gb worth on the previous version, I'll help out and seed this for a while too.
11 7/19/2016, 0:58:00 AM UTC+0 blackice85
Thanks for making a patch, saves me a lot of bandwidth. I've got a seedbox so I'll leave this running for a while.
12 7/19/2016, 1:06:00 AM UTC+0 KID_A
13 7/19/2016, 1:35:00 AM UTC+0 d00m3d
Thanks sephirotic!

It doesn't seem like you added the "Extra Fonts" folder this time though.. Did you forget about it or..?
14 7/19/2016, 2:14:00 AM UTC+0 sephirotic
Ow fuck, I forgot about it.
Well, nevermind, I'll add a dropbox link in the description and call it a day.
15 7/19/2016, 2:20:00 AM UTC+0 CaptainJet
You did not include the EoE english dub, nor the text file including instructions on remuxing without killing the seed in your mega folder.
16 7/19/2016, 2:38:00 AM UTC+0 sephirotic
Thanks a lot for the support!

That was intentional. My release would never have dub audio and I haven't had the time to mess with the several dubs in my Mega folder. The instructions will be there, together with the audio files when I finish messing with them. Not a priority right now. The extras and the Revival comes first.
17 7/19/2016, 3:44:00 AM UTC+0 Ankular
Arigatou!. Thanks for the patch files. Everything updated and confirmed. Will seed for awhile.
18 7/19/2016, 5:47:00 AM UTC+0 VyseLegendaire
You just won Evangelion. Dear God the remaster had some piss poor contrast. Your coloration has brought it to life.
19 7/19/2016, 6:32:00 AM UTC+0 fdsfgs71
Will the Revival of Evangelion torrent have the 5 minute intermission in it? Please tell me yes.
20 7/19/2016, 9:45:00 AM UTC+0 Deosharp
>People think this is a good encode.
21 7/19/2016, 10:14:00 AM UTC+0 Subs By Rock
God rest ADV. They were too good for us.
22 7/19/2016, 2:45:00 PM UTC+0 robtree
I thought you already remastered episode 16? What does this "Broadcast episode 16 special remaster" in your next projects section entail? I thought there were no masters or did you get your hands on a original tv broadcast?
23 7/19/2016, 3:06:00 PM UTC+0 sephirotic
Glad you liked it!
At the end of Death, yes, it will be mantained
Thanks for your opinion.
It's a manual remaster I'm working with a pal from Evageeks for the archival version of Ep16. He was a madman to correct manually most of the most visible ghost from the interlaced telecining of it manually and. The Archival version of episode 16 has much better color and luminance than the broadcast, the issue is it being interlaced and having a lot of ghosting due to that.
24 7/19/2016, 4:35:00 PM UTC+0 sephirotic
Added a Fonts.7z with all the fonts in the release and the missing Chinese, Arabic and MatisseVpro font (for some of the Eng track signs) in the mega folder.
25 7/19/2016, 5:37:00 PM UTC+0 ComeAndGetMe
Thank you. Your work is much appreciated, do not listen to those who are selfish, this is an excellent release.
26 7/19/2016, 6:53:00 PM UTC+0 saed
That's lot of work.
But Eva's definatly the right show for it.
You're too cool.
27 7/20/2016, 5:16:00 AM UTC+0 SomaHeir
So let me get this straight.

Episode 21'-24' is "Death" hence the apostrophe in the name file. While 25 and 26 are just normal episodes.

You omitted "Rebirth" which is episode 25'(i'm adding an apostrophe for reference purposes) because you prefer only the original "Death" portion from "Death and Rebirth". But you also provided us a link for "Death and Rebirth" which has the same "Death" version here in this post. Which is included in this link:


So now what we're missing is Death (True) and Death (True)^2. You mention in your "Death and Rebirth" link above that Death (True)^2 doesn't have a good source yet and is only available from zx which is now on bakabt correct?


So now where is Death (True)? After searching online, it seems it was lost forever.

Okay now we're done with Death and Rebirth, let's move on to the End of Evangelion. You clearly have it included in this release. So that crosses out.

What we're missing right now is The End of Evangelion: Renewal which is "The film joins the "recap" film Evangelion: Death with End and omits the Rebirth segment from the first film."

Once again. zx has it on bakabt because currently there's no good source right now.


And finally "Revival of Evangelion" which "is a unification of the movies Death(True)2 (a further edit of Death(true), with several minor edits) and The End of Evangelion." and is considered the final form of all movies.

Phew, So now that's done. You mention for your future release that you are doing Death (True)^2, but why is it named "aka "Revival of Evangelion"?? Does that mean you're only doing "Revival of Evangelion" as a whole and no Death (True)^2 as a standalone?

I'm not holding for "Death (True)"since there's no source online. And please consider doing The End of Evangelion "Renewal" as well despite already provided by zx right now. It's a very old source, I'm sure you can fix a few things with the current tech we have right now.

I'm gonna wait for your extras batch. and hopefully you could also start doing Rebuild of Evangelion BD movies :)


We're missing:

Death (True) - not found online??
Death (True)^2 - provided by zx on bakabt, but you are also plan on doing it as "Revival of Evangelion" for future torrent.
The End of Evangelion: Renewal -provided by zx on bakabt

Please correct me if I'm wrong in any of these.
28 7/20/2016, 8:03:00 AM UTC+0 sephirotic
Some confusions there.
First of All lets clarify some terminology:
21-24 AKA "OA": Originally Aired - Regular 23 minutes episodes that aired on the first broadcast of Eva back in 1996
21'-24': Director's Cut version of the same episodes. THEY ARE NOT "Death". These episodes have EXTRA extended scene expanding more than the regular 23 minutes of the broadcasts, (up to 29 on episode 21). SOME of the scenes (not all of them) were first seen on the movie Death, but there are new ones on the DC version not present in death, notably the Angel battle from episode 23 and several reanimated cells in episode 22. These episodes were first released on Laserdisc, and later on the perfect collection DVD's in USA, and AGAIN later, in 2003 on the remaster (Platinum in US, Renewal in Japan).

25 26: Regular Television Ending episodes
25'-26' Refers to the two parts of the End of Evangelion.
More details: http://wiki.evageeks.org/Director's_Cut_Episodes

Regarding the "Renewal":
This term IS JUST THE MARKETING NAME OF THE REMASTER DVD's RELEASED IN JAPAN 2003, mostly a PROGRESSIVE scan of the original 16mm film stocks, as the earlier DVDs were terribly telecined (interlaced). There is NO DIFFERENCE in any episodes from the non-Renewal versions with THE SOLE EXCEPTION OF EPISODE 23', where blended images from the Reiquarium scene were added on the original 23 'DC and removed for the renewal, fixed animation mistakes on episode 19, 1 and 24 and a new 5.1 audio mux of the audio with much better quality, Everything else EDITION WISE is identical.

Regarding the 3 versions of Death:

*Death is a recap edition of the first 24 episodes of the series first seen on the cinema together with a incomplete version of the End of Evangelion consisting of the first 20 minutes of Air. This "Recap + Preview" Is the infamous Death & Rebirth movie which I have released here: #732926
Death was originally 1h 12m long (including intermission and intro logos)

*Death (True): Later, an airing of the movie Death was done to be broadcasted in Cable WoWoWo Channel in Japan by Masayuki and the movie was butchered to less than 60 minutes removing most of the added new scenes to fit the television format.
This version of the Recap was never before seem officially outside of the television until the release of the Archival DVDs together with the BD last year. Unfortunately, the first printing of the Archival DVDs had video issues precisely in the Death movie and this is the only printing we had available on open tracker to download. (I donwloaded it, it was available here on Nyaa until a couple of months ago until it got removed probably due to a lack of seeds). So unless someone gets theirs hands in the fixed second printing from Iapan, it's not worth uploading here considering that it's almost identical to Death True^2 and it's only 480i.

*Death (true)^2 is the "final" edition of Death, a further Re-edit of Death (True), almost identical except with the re-addition of the image of Adam on Gendo's hand and several other minor edits but still with some of the DC's scenes removed from the original Death. It was first seen together with EoE being called "Revival of Evangelion". it is said that it was first release in March 8 1998 but I'm not sure if this was a second airing in theaters of the EoE with Death playing before the movie.
it was only released in midia as DVD together with EoE in the Remastered DVDs.

So, as you read on my Death & Rebirth description, there are 2 discs with the End of Evangelion movie in the BD release. Disc 7 is The End of Evangelion movie alone, and Disc 8, is Death true^2 First, and then, after it, The End of Evangelion Movie. But EoE from disc 8 is just a blatant copy and paste with even the same CRC from Disc 7.
This mere "compilation" of Death + EoE is called "Revival".

Death (true) vs Death (true)^2
I consider Death (True) completely utterly irrelevant as it is almost identical to True^2. I've already watched the Archival version side by side with it and even if it was not corrupted, I wouldn't consider it worthy to make a single release just for it considering how infimal the couple of added scenes are and the fact that Death True is SD only.

Death (true)^2 vs Death (original)
I personally prefer the original Death because it has more DC's scenes. But the difference is also small. most of the removed scenes from True^2 are from Asuka's mindfuck from episode 22, but that is my favorite episode from all Eva so I rather have it not removed.
As you probably read on my D&R description, just recalling for anyone else that reads this comment>
Death (from Death and Rebirth, Disc 6 of the BD) has an issue of severely crushed Shadows, there are significant Detail lost in the dark regions of Death. However, Death is very sharp and also very noisy as it appears to be a relatively cheap Blow Up of the 16mm stock films from the series, so it has two layers of noisy one which is zoomed in as death is actually a crop-zoom from the original 4:3 series into 1.85 aspect ratio.
Death true^2 (disc 8 from the BD) DOES NOT HAVE CRUSHED blacks, but almost ironically, it has slightly more clipping in the brights whites, although not as severe as the black crush. However, Death true^2 is much less sharp than Death, in fact, when testing an encode of Death True^2, I failed to get any benefit in encoding in 1080p from the severity of the softness. I suspect Death True^2 is another copy/transfer from the original Death stock film, this is why it is blured compared to death. But why Death's black level is crushed while true^2 is not we don't know.
Fact is: both Death have serious picture problems, but Death True^2 is not worth being encoded in 1080p.

Now that we have clear that up, to your questions/assumptions:

>"You omitted "Rebirth"
No, it's on the link I previous posted.
Rebirth IS NOT episode 25', at least not in its entirety, the complete Air from EoE is the episode 25'.

This guy here ripped the Death True^2 from disc 8 of the BD: #737140 alone.
All ZX, Bloat and old OCZ and 2D4U's torrents/releases of Eva are now IRRELEVANT as the BD contains EVERYTHING that the Renewal DVDs contained (and more, including D&R) in much better quality.

>"What we're missing right now is The End of Evangelion: Renewal which is "The film joins the "recap" film Evangelion"
>"And please consider doing The End of Evangelion "Renewal"
This is where you are making some confusion. There is no such things as "The End of Evangelion Renewal" as a different edition of EoE or "The End of Evangelion Revival". They are the same thing. Renewal is just the marketing name of the Remasters released in Japan in 2003. Revival is the marketing name of the joint of Death^2 with EoE.

Rebirth is not present neither in "Revival of Evangelion (Disc 8)" nor in the Regular "The End of Evangelion (Disc 7)" It is present on disc 6 together with the Original Death.
Rebirth is just a incomplete version of EoE that became obsolete as soon as EoE was out. It was a way of milking money from the fans before they could finish the EoE back in 1997.

>"So now that's done. You mention for your future release that you are doing Death (True)^2,"
"but why is it named "aka "Revival of Evangelion"?? Does that mean you're only doing "Revival of Evangelion" as a whole and no Death (True)^2 as a standalone?"
I won't make a single torrent for Death true^2 alone. Just a "Revival" Torrent which consists of Death^2 + EoE.
It won't be a single file, but 3, being 2 a copy & paste of the EoE from this batch and a new file/encode for Death^2.

The encode of Death true^2 is already ready, and it's 4,28gb.
It's only missing the typesetting for subtitles which I'll begin working on tomorrow.

>"We're missing:"
>"Death (True) - not found online??"
Yes, we are missing it as the Archival DVD's were corrupted out of the factory and we don't have any other ISO or Rip around in open trackers, but then again, even as a Die hard completist eva fan, I personally consider it irrelevant. I could even make a frame-by-frame accurate fake reedit of it reusing Death True^2 footage if I wanted.
>Death (True)^2 - provided by zx on bakabt, but you are also plan on doing it as "Revival of Evangelion" for future torrent.
>The End of Evangelion: Renewal -provided by zx on bakabt
This doesn't exist; It's not a differentiated version of EoE. The torrent you are refering to it's probably just EoE or the Revival.

Just to make you even more fucking confusing:
We are also missing this:
It is present on Disc 9 of the BDs.
However, it is not truly a different master. From what I could observer, they simply opened the regular EoE scan they made for Disc 7 of the BD, copy and pasted the interlaced 480i credits from the old Laser Discs in the end of it, and pasted text in After Effects on top of the title cards.
(as well as the [イヤ] from Asuka)
The job was so bad the the guys at Sony that edited the BD fucked up and confused which correct title card to use, so the first batch of the BD has a wrong title card for it, so is not a "legit" Video Edition of EoE.
Unfortunately, my BD's discs are from the first batch and the price to ship it back to japan is prohibitive to justify correcting a couple of wrong title cards. If I wanted I could do it myself on After Effects since this is not a legit analogical different stock film, but just a Frankenstein edit from Sony.
I also consider this Disc 9 irrelevant, BUT I MAY add the credits from the end of the movie, which are different, as a bonus extra in the" extra batch torrent " I'm planning to launch after the Revival torrent.
The extras will also contain the pre-renewal Director's Cut version with the rare Reiquarium scene.

I'm sorry if I was too wordy in the response but I hope things are completely clarified now.
29 7/20/2016, 8:08:00 AM UTC+0 Deosharp
>I'm working with a pal from Evageeks for the archival version of Ep16
>a pal from Evageeks
That explains part of your autism
30 7/20/2016, 1:03:00 PM UTC+0 Argon
>Ordered chapter still doesn't have support on linux by any MPlayer based player. So it won't work on Android either.
>VLC for windows does work, although the transition betwen the two episodes is very sloppy and the audio Brakes in the process.

Huh? VLC officially supports ordered chapters - on all platforms. Can't comment on how well it works as I don't use it though.
Mplayer2 supports ordered chapters and https://mpv.io/ (kind of it's successor) does too.
31 7/20/2016, 1:09:00 PM UTC+0 Argon
Just tested it with mpv and it works as expected, no audio problems.
32 7/20/2016, 4:27:00 PM UTC+0 sephirotic
Strange, then the info I read about ordered chapters not working on linux must have been outdated.
Good to know, I'll update the description.
(I tested VLC on android and it did detect the whole timeline but as soon as the video started playing it chrashed. It figures for VLC...)
33 7/21/2016, 6:20:00 PM UTC+0 sephirotic

Check it out.
Illustrative picture: [IMG: http://i.imgur.com/UM34WvI.png ]
34 7/22/2016, 2:42:00 AM UTC+0 SomaHeir

Thanks for the explanation! I'm just going to trust you and wait for the rest of the series then begin watching them one by one :)
35 7/22/2016, 11:58:00 PM UTC+0 fukubei
@Deosharp : since you seem to dislike this encode, which one would you recommend?
36 7/24/2016, 8:39:00 PM UTC+0 robtree
Will the Revival torrent be released today @sephirotic?
37 7/24/2016, 10:47:00 PM UTC+0 Dennis-Juman
Uhmm the dubbed audio files are stuck at 93% and when i download them individually then all downloads complete except 04 and 12. So could you add a second download link for the dubs or replace the broken files?
38 7/25/2016, 1:13:00 AM UTC+0 sephirotic
I did finish editing all subs, they are virtually ready but I really wanted some English native to give a final proofreading as I ended up reediting several lines as I deemed the original scrip too bad. I changed several lines that were just plain wrong cutting + pasting from the ADV subs, but about a dozen I ended up rewriting myself. This new Death sub is actually looking quite good. I contacted my old EoE QCer but I think he is mostly busy for the week. If anyone else with good grammar wants to volunteer just send me an email.

I'll check out if those are corrupted and reupload them, thanks for the tip.
39 7/26/2016, 4:25:00 PM UTC+0 lqv_127604
@sephirotic: Ep 3 is missing ED subtitle on ADV track, other files is okay until now. current downloaded 5/26ep
40 7/26/2016, 11:13:00 PM UTC+0 sephirotic
Regarding the Revival (Death^2) Release:
I have finally received a response from the guy helping with QC the English subs. He said he will finish it by Saturday. I also got a response from another PT native as well as Spanish and Russian. The Russian guy already sent the proofread version of his subs, and the other two guys should finish their proofreading by Saturday. I'm hoping to get the release ready by this weekend then. I will likely not delay even if any other non-English QCer fail to deliver they proofreading as I don't think an impeccable subtitle for Death is that much important like in the case for EoE which resulted in over a month of delay till I was satisfied with the subs.

Yeah, there are some missing ED and a couple of rough-timmed sync on the FMTTM tracks that I failed to see for the V2.
I was kinda of paranoid of remuxing episodes that had only such small issues. I was afraid new corruptions could appear. Episode 7 and 10 have kinda of a rough timing for the FMTTM lyrics too.
41 7/29/2016, 7:42:00 PM UTC+0 nami104
42 8/2/2016, 0:14:00 AM UTC+0 Tallulah
Thanks, I love you.
43 8/11/2016, 2:57:00 PM UTC+0 robtree
@sephirotic Give us Death^2!
44 8/15/2016, 11:05:00 PM UTC+0 TORMENTOSOSO
I don't really know If I can share links to other sites... but... @robtree


I'd found this, when I was also looking for Death(True)^2.
45 8/21/2016, 4:52:00 PM UTC+0 Kevin Carbonara
I heard there was a new version of this torrent where the audio was fixed and Death / Rebirth were added. Does anyone know where it is?
46 8/22/2016, 6:52:00 PM UTC+0 sephirotic
This is the new version. Death and Rebirth will receive a V2 with an unnoficial 5.1 audio mix and improved English subs after I release the Revival of Evangelion torrent which consists of Death True 2 + EoE.

The Revival release should be soon, in a couple of weekends.
47 8/24/2016, 1:54:00 PM UTC+0 Kevin Carbonara
Dual audio in a lossless format?