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Main Title : Sousei no Aquarion
Official Title japanese: 創聖のアクエリオン
Type TV Series, 26 episodes
Year 05.04.2005 till 27.09.2005

Holy Genesis Era. Year 0011. Mankind has lost 2/3 of its population. The Great Catastrophe, which ruined the planet 11 years ago, caused the ice of Antarctica to melt.

In the Lost Atlantis, which was believed to be destroyed 12000 years ago, the winged race of Shadow Angels resurrected. They sent their bio-mechanical `mythical beasts` to harvest the life energy
`Purana` of humans in the few remaining cities.

Humanity tries to hold off the onslought when the `Godspeed Magician` Fudo Gen excavated in the sea near Crete the so-called vector machines, legendary machines which gave new hope. With these 3 new weapons, Mars, Luna and Sol, piloted by gifted pilots who posess the `element` to activate them, the legendary `Mechanical Angel Aquarion` can be united from the 3 `vectors`...

The `elements` who needed to have pure souls and sharp senses, finally start off the fight and the time of uniting humanity`s hopes into the legendary Aquarion has come


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