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Steins;Gate 0 - Committee of Zero Patch

Category: Software - Games
Uploaded by: plsnoriperino
Website Link: N/A
Hash: C7056DCBE2D406F9D5C6147321A20636B3D549A2
Size: 191.5 MiB
Date: 3/11/2017, 3:41:00 PM UTC+0
Seeders: 8
Leechers: 1
Completed: 549
Last scraped: 2/26/2020, 0:22:36 AM UTC+0
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DDL: https://files.catbox.moe/ji8su2.zip

Patch #846494 with this.

More info: http://sonome.dareno.me/projects/sg0.html

This patch inserts the official English translation of STEINS;GATE 0 into the Japanese PC version while addressing various shortcomings and making a number of improvements to both the translation and the base game.

Installation instructions

-Run the installer. Warning: Has sound. If the installer doesn’t run, install .NET Framework 4 and try again.
-Point “Game directory:” to the PC version’s (#846494) installation directory (containing files such as Game.exe and the USRDIR folder).
-Point “English Vita scripts:” to the unarchived SG0-engscripts folder.
-“Create desktop shortcuts” will create one shortcut for the game launcher and one shortcut to the patch configuration tool.
-“Run configuration tool after installation” will run said configuration tool when installation finishes. Note you can also run it by starting LBConfig.exe inside the game directory after patch installation.


1 3/11/2017, 3:46:00 PM UTC+0 eXmendiC
Thanks for the effort. I was too lazy to do that lol
2 3/11/2017, 3:48:00 PM UTC+0 plsnoriperino
I could have done this a long time ago too and it only took 2 minutes. ._.
3 3/11/2017, 3:54:00 PM UTC+0 eXmendiC
Well, the "get the scripts from a ps vita" was the part I gave up.
4 3/11/2017, 3:56:00 PM UTC+0 plsnoriperino
Ah, I just had the files sitting around for a month lol.
5 3/11/2017, 4:37:00 PM UTC+0 octal9
hopefully someone will release a patch which can be installed over the existing translation patch - i'm way too far into the game already to risk going through all this just to get a couple more minor things translated. anyways, thanks for yr. hard work - i envy the folks that will get to play this version (not that the existing translation is horrible or anything).
6 3/11/2017, 4:41:00 PM UTC+0 octal9
anyone know a link for the ps vita scripts if i do feel like trying this one out?
7 3/11/2017, 4:50:00 PM UTC+0 pky
^ It shouldn't mess with your save data... just to be safe, you can back it up from:
C:\Users\*your_username*\Documents\My Games\mages_dmm

After that, you can try installing the patch over the previous one. If that doesn't work - get a clean copy of the game and patch it with this, if it doesn't load your saves correctly, you can just go back to the old patched game.
8 3/11/2017, 4:56:00 PM UTC+0 plsnoriperino
The saves should work, both version store them in the same location so you literally only have to install this one to make sure.
And the script files are included.
9 3/11/2017, 4:57:00 PM UTC+0 plsnoriperino
Also, wouldn't recommend trying to patch the other translated version, no real reason for you to even try that, just re-grab the original copy I linked.
10 3/11/2017, 5:12:00 PM UTC+0 pky
I kept a backup of the original files before applying the old patches, so just replacing them back seems to work without any problems with this patch.
11 3/11/2017, 5:18:00 PM UTC+0 AP123
i installed the committee of zero patch on the old english patch just fine a few weeks agoago. For the record, I download #848204, patched it with this patch, and patched it with it with the committee of zero patch recently. save imported, no issues after doing a quick runthrough.
12 3/11/2017, 6:11:00 PM UTC+0 twonline
13 3/11/2017, 6:13:00 PM UTC+0 plsnoriperino
The point was that some files might not get patched correctly, i.e. you're still actually using the files from that version and not from the Committee of Zero one. But I haven't really tested that so I don't know. I'll recommend patching the original Japanese copy though.
14 3/12/2017, 5:15:00 PM UTC+0 SomaHeir
Can you use girlcelly's upload?


Thanks for this!
15 3/12/2017, 5:18:00 PM UTC+0 plsnoriperino
Yes, it should be fine.
16 3/19/2017, 2:22:00 PM UTC+0 Sadist_Tanmoy
Great JOB Pal!!! Your description of the torrent file "hontou ni taskatta yo" THUMBS UP
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