[BDMV] Planetarian - Hoshi no Hito - Movie (incl. Bonus CDs/BD - Hoshi no Yume with better audio)

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Uploaded by: AzarJaved
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Hash: C56EFD3607AFEA295D92D948C20E9FB6AB41262C
Size: 74.7 GiB
Date: 3/6/2017, 8:13:00 PM UTC+0
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Leechers: 2
Completed: 6
Last scraped: 10/18/2019, 11:27:00 PM UTC+0


This is the first time I'm uploading something here, so please, be gentle! (I hope I did the torrent creation right..)

This is the raw R2J BD version of the Planetarian movie "Hoshi no Hito", including a new version of the ONA series with supposedly better, upsampled audio. Also included are two different versions of the "Explanation CD".

For the sake of being able to provide this more quickly, there are no scans.

Also: I reaaally hope that some english subbing group's going to pick this up soon, as I can't even watch my own limited edition disc without english subtitles. ;) Thank you very much!

And my apologies for my horribly slow uplink, but please bear with it! (Or maybe there are going to be more raws around soon, from real relase groups?)


BD1 - The Movie "Hoshi no Hito", 1080p H.264/AVC, 5.1 DTS-HD MA, 48kHz 24-bit 2.0 PCM, 2.0 DTS (Headphone:X)
BD2 - The ONA series "Chiisana Hoshi no Yume", 1080p H.264/AVC and now with 96kHz 24-bit 2.0 PCM audio
CD1 - Yumemi Hoshino Explanation CD (FLAC and AAC-LC)
CD2 - Yumemi Hoshino Explanation CD, re-recorded version (FLAC and AAC-LC)

FLAC encoded by avconv. AAC-LC encoded by Fraunhofer FhG-AAC using --vbr 6.

The movie and ONA series are completely untouched, no transcoding nor remuxing.


1 3/6/2017, 9:48:00 PM UTC+0 sakura_tsuki
Thanks a lot!
2 3/6/2017, 9:52:00 PM UTC+0 Jaa
Thank you very much!
3 3/6/2017, 10:39:00 PM UTC+0 Nesser
Hope someone subs this.
4 3/6/2017, 11:59:00 PM UTC+0 MasaGratoR
There is a big difference between BDRip and BDMV.
5 3/7/2017, 2:54:00 AM UTC+0 KH91
Thank you for being a savior. Someone sub this for the uploader. He/She deserves to be rewarded.
6 3/7/2017, 6:42:00 AM UTC+0 AzarJaved
@MasaGratoR: I'm sorry for that, I thought they were basically the same thing. So BDRip = Remux? Or decrypted ISO?

By the way, I'll add another (much faster) network for at least a few hours today, my uplink speed is just terrible. :( This should speed things up a little.
7 3/7/2017, 10:38:00 AM UTC+0 Subs By Rock
A BDRip is a transcode of the BDMV/BDRemux/BDISO. He's saying you named it wrong.

This torrent's title, changed to use the most common naming scheme used in this site, would be: [BDMV] Planetarian - Hoshi no Hito - Movie (incl. Bonus CDs/BD - Hoshi no Yume with better audio)
8 3/7/2017, 11:23:00 AM UTC+0 AzarJaved
I see, thanks! It seems I can't rename it, but I'll know better for the next time!

I'm not yet overly familiar with the naming schemes on nyaa it seems.

In any case, it's done! there are quite a few seeders now, so I'll remove the fast seeding machine from its network (It won't be tolerated if I continue seeding for more than a short time here).

Now the wait for subs starts. :)
9 3/7/2017, 1:48:00 PM UTC+0 Corus
10 3/7/2017, 2:49:00 PM UTC+0 moozzi2
Thank you~
11 3/7/2017, 3:43:00 PM UTC+0 Shuichiyagami
Thank you~ need someone to convert it to .mp4
12 3/8/2017, 1:42:00 AM UTC+0 Subs By Rock
You can change it since it's on your account. If you click Manage at the top of the page here, you can change it without disrupting anything
13 3/8/2017, 9:50:00 AM UTC+0 AzarJaved
Ah, that's where it is. I was looking at my "Profile / My torrents"... Thanks again, it's edited! :)
14 3/8/2017, 4:01:00 PM UTC+0 stevenweng09
CD better use EAC
15 3/8/2017, 7:16:00 PM UTC+0 AzarJaved
I just installed EAC and I'm testing it right now, it's configuring my three ODDs. So far, I've been using an ancient version of Xing Audiocatalyst (I've been using this since Win9x, believe it or not) with ASPI wrappers like FrogASPI or the native x64 StarBurn ASPI. Just for ripping the PCM data. I do the transcoding on the terminal (fhgaacenc, avconv, ffmpeg, eac3to, opusenc, etc.)

Major downside of Audiocatalyst so far was that it can't do NTFS' UCS2-le unicode, so FreeDB queries with asian characters would return only bogus data (used Foobar2k for that then).

But I guess there are some issues with the CDs? I didn't notice anything unusual while listening to them, but if there are problems, please let me know.

In any case, I'll try using EAC for a while, and if I like it, I'll keep it on my Windows box. :) I guess it's basically the standard for proper audio rips these days? I've never uploaded any so far....
16 3/8/2017, 11:55:00 PM UTC+0 lord14
17 3/9/2017, 0:08:00 AM UTC+0 ARiN
@AzarJaved Hi, thanks for this great contribution. I was wondering if you would mind sharing the scans. Is there a way for me to contact you? E-mail, IRC etc?

18 3/9/2017, 7:36:00 AM UTC+0 AzarJaved
I do plan to share scans eventually, just need some time to actually do them. :)

I have an IRC server running, irc+ssl://www.xin.at:6697 or plain irc://www.xin.at:6666, or via webchat: https://www.xin.at:8080 (mind you, SSL certificates are old and self-signed, HTTPS protocols and cipher suites are old as well). Enter channel #anime, just created it. I'll usually be there from 08:00am - 04:00pm UTC+1. Please be patient, as I might not answer immediately.

I can give you my email address there if you wish.
19 3/23/2017, 4:10:00 PM UTC+0 UmiyamaRi