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1 6/12/2016, 5:53:00 PM UTC+0 NeVe12p4wNeD
Rem diededed.
2 6/12/2016, 5:56:00 PM UTC+0 bakamen
spoiler alert: subaru dies in this episode
3 6/12/2016, 5:58:00 PM UTC+0 andryzoun
Rem is best girl
4 6/12/2016, 6:00:00 PM UTC+0 ricvazquez
Rem ftw
5 6/12/2016, 6:08:00 PM UTC+0 RaidenHUN
@ bakamen @NeVe12p4wNeD
What's the point of spoiling the episode? It is just plain stupid and jerk thing to do. Isn't it obvious that if someone going to download it he would open up this page.
6 6/12/2016, 6:09:00 PM UTC+0 hazardous
The end.
7 6/12/2016, 6:10:00 PM UTC+0 NeVe12p4wNeD
Yes it is a bad thing to do. Unless you really don't know what we're talking about.

No, they can just click the download arrow on the main page to download. Avoiding potential spoilers in the process.
8 6/12/2016, 6:26:00 PM UTC+0 KoyomiKami
Finally through this shitty arc,hope the next will be better but doubtful.
9 6/12/2016, 6:36:00 PM UTC+0 AdamEve2
i keep hoping for a happy ending but looks like this is a long troll series in which the director hates the viewers and tries to get us to love the characters and then suffer when bad things happen..sick stuff. i wont buy into it. thanks for the alert not as spoiler if it warns us of troll crap directors.
10 6/12/2016, 6:50:00 PM UTC+0 Cickany
Remember, if you don't like it you can just stop watching. ;)
11 6/12/2016, 7:20:00 PM UTC+0 pky
Ah, I see that the usual "hate on the popular show" has started again... oh well.
12 6/12/2016, 7:40:00 PM UTC+0 someguy99
wew lads
13 6/12/2016, 8:04:00 PM UTC+0 haseo
@AdamEve2 oh sh*t I hate when they do that =/
14 6/12/2016, 8:07:00 PM UTC+0 KoyomiKami
Scratch what I said,just read third arc's spoilers,if they adapt it right this series might just turn out to be decent.
15 6/12/2016, 11:36:00 PM UTC+0 saa
@AdamEve2 If there's a happy ending, this particular show ends.
Subaru is literally killing himself to finally get the harem ending.
16 6/13/2016, 2:53:00 AM UTC+0 imafuckingspoiler
Some people always find something to hate anyway (often illogical, forced points). Just shut up if you don't have anything good to say.
17 6/13/2016, 3:05:00 AM UTC+0 exanoid
why hate the director?
author is the one who made it this way..
hate him/her
18 6/13/2016, 4:04:00 AM UTC+0 bagie
19 6/13/2016, 9:59:00 AM UTC+0 theodoric
thank you :-)

yeah ... why hate this show ... all it is, is a D&D type RPG based adventure show done by a somewhat twisted GM (game master)

20 6/13/2016, 1:57:00 PM UTC+0 gubruikertje
It's actually a very good show, why hate this?
Hate the overrated kabaneri instead.
21 6/13/2016, 4:48:00 PM UTC+0 NeVe12p4wNeD
Kabaneri's voice actors sound like they always have something in their mouth when speaking.

It's annoying somewhat.