[sergey_krs] Kuroshitsuji - [BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC]

Category: Anime - Raw
Uploaded by: sergey_krs
Website Link: N/A
Hash: E0B8191A35F81EDF43F7F47865374F276C253586
Size: 94.6 GiB
Date: 6/3/2016, 0:14:00 PM UTC+0
Seeders: 1
Leechers: 1
Completed: 1
Last scraped: 7/23/2019, 10:27:33 AM UTC+0


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1 6/3/2016, 1:05:00 PM UTC+0 stevenweng09
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) great
2 6/3/2016, 1:06:00 PM UTC+0 manjaro2
Thank you very much :)


Once again. Sorry to bother you, but...

do you have #611182 and #621257 ?


Does anybody have it?

XaviER and Salender Group seems to have abandon activities.

So please forgive me to ask here.


Have you ever encoded 'Seikoku no Dragonar' and 'Super Sonico the Animation'?
3 6/3/2016, 1:26:00 PM UTC+0 volta_john
Почти... Почти взята планка в 100 гигов... Не одному ж Фёдору народ до глотания валерьянки доводить XD
4 6/3/2016, 1:52:00 PM UTC+0 sergey_krs
@volta_john, в данном случае ничего страшного, 3 сезона + бонусы ведь тут )
@manjaro2, sorry, i don't have Freezing and Samurai Bride, but you can ask XaviER for seed it. Now he in Beatrice-Raws.
Yes, i encode Seikoku no Dragonar and Super Sonico the Animation, but I do not upload them to nyaa.
5 6/3/2016, 2:06:00 PM UTC+0 manjaro2
Aha! Beatrice.


Except for 'Seikoku no Dragonar' and 'Super Sonico the Animation'

There is so much more that can not be found here?

Where can I find them?
6 6/3/2016, 2:38:00 PM UTC+0 sergey_krs
try search by google, may be someone reupload from u2
7 6/3/2016, 2:46:00 PM UTC+0 manjaro2
Thank you for your answer :)
8 6/3/2016, 2:54:00 PM UTC+0 sergey_krs
if you do not find, write about it. I uploaded as possible. If i do not forget))
9 6/3/2016, 3:56:00 PM UTC+0 manjaro2
I'm sorry to bother you.


Thank you for your kind reply.

I appreciate it. I really do
10 6/3/2016, 8:58:00 PM UTC+0 GalaxianExplosion
Thanks a million~\(^o^)/
11 6/4/2016, 4:24:00 AM UTC+0 Soranonagi
thanks sergey_krs , you are the best

Always amazing rips~
12 6/4/2016, 7:38:00 PM UTC+0 Soranonagi
source R2J ???
13 6/5/2016, 5:20:00 AM UTC+0 sergey_krs
@Soranonagi, Book of Circus rip from Ger Blu-ray. r2j uploaded just now, I will compare and remake rip, if there is a difference.
14 6/5/2016, 5:25:00 AM UTC+0 Soranonagi
thanks a lot
15 6/27/2016, 4:34:00 PM UTC+0 hopedull
Thank you! I love your works!