Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - 001-180 [DVD 640x480 h264 AC3]

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Date: 4/10/2016, 2:23:00 PM UTC+0
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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, all of it, in DVD-quality, with subs.

These subs are not translated by me, they are though fixed by me if the translation was iffy, and it was, most of the time.

The translation this is based on is done by GLL99 as well as GX_ST done for the tv-rips back in the day.
For credits, see the in-episode openings, I havent touched them much.

Changes from original translation by GLL99 and GX_ST (aswell as a couple others on certain episodes):
-Removed sub-group logo on opening title
-Spaced subs to fit DVDs correctly
-Translation errors, spelling errors, mostly fixed*
-Removed styling from text that made it hard to read
-Timing redone
-Added new translations for DVD-only scenes/lines
-Added chapters at Episode Title, CM-break and before ending.

*Should be 100% fixed, there might be some few left that flew under the radar

New Credits, not reflected in the in-episode ones:
Original Translation, GLL99 and GX_ST
Encoding, all done by me
Raw Provision, done by an anonymous Japanese user, we salute you!

All in all, this turned out pretty good. I can't seed all the time so be sure to seed. If you find any faults, be sure to comment as I take notes. If they accumulate to a ridiculous degree, I will do a 1.2 sometime in the future, don't think it will be necessary though.
If this torrent goes down for whatever reason and doesnt come back up, Mega links will be posted in the /a/ arc-v threads, probably.



1 4/10/2016, 2:54:00 PM UTC+0 kaiserstar1
Are the cards translated based on their original names or by American version; like how the fusion card was translated to Polymerization?
2 4/10/2016, 3:13:00 PM UTC+0 Thelight52
Hey man, that's a nice batch, thank you!
3 4/10/2016, 3:26:00 PM UTC+0 dopeshit
can u share the subtitles file?
4 4/10/2016, 9:47:00 PM UTC+0 AP123
Are these using the new S3/S4 subs lance made (check out neoarkcradle) or are they using the ancient old ones?
5 4/11/2016, 8:45:00 PM UTC+0 Sauron
I've been wanting to get this series but download 180 episodes 1 by 1 truly sucks, hope someone makes a batch torrent for Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V cause I want that series too but can only find single files, last time I check there's already 101 episodes.
6 4/12/2016, 4:16:00 AM UTC+0 grawl
Thanks a lot! I had a ton of tv rips I needed to upgrade.

Any plans on doing any of the other series?
7 4/13/2016, 0:20:00 AM UTC+0 kaiserstar1
Are you planning on releasing the dvd versions of 5D's afterwards when you have time and checking the timing for the videos of the subs?
8 4/14/2016, 0:26:00 PM UTC+0 Black-Flash-91
5D's dvd version with subs
9 4/18/2016, 4:52:00 PM UTC+0 Misairuzame
Last time i checked, they are the Japanese names directly translated. E.g "Burstlady".

I could share them whenever I get back to the computer I did this on, currently living in a different city.

If by Lance, you mean Gym Leader Lance 99 (GLL99), then yes, these should be the newest ones hes put out, if I havent been out-updated over the course of 1 year...

Whenever it finishes, I'm sure someone would, and if no one does, and I have access to the same internet deals I have now, I could do it.

No, this was a one off, as I did everything that needed to be done for the DVDs by myself, it was quite tiring, and boring. People who manage to do this shit for several series ever week are heroes to the community!
10 4/30/2016, 4:29:00 PM UTC+0 rokou
The source of the raws appears to be from AU_RAW (Astral Union) who I assume are dead now. I could be wrong here however.
11 5/11/2016, 8:00:00 PM UTC+0 Baris
i assume you resynced tv raw subs for dvd raws, nicely done m8. would you consider doing the same for ygo dm?