MangaTraders Archive (0-G)

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Uploaded by: れんちょん
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Date: 12/10/2015, 3:06:00 PM UTC+0
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Hey everybody, bluethings here. You know, the guy who threw 1802 dollars worth of BTC at a website he never used before for the love of anonymous people on the internet and watched them turn everything to shit immediately after. Anyway, got tired of listening to people whining about everything being fire and people being lazy or breaking things. Going to upload the MangaTraders Archive now, a whole 20 months later. Alphabetical order, this is the first of three.

Mind you, this is the MangaTraders Archive. Not the Madokami Archive. Madokami is twice as large (3.5TB or so). However, these files are the same as the ones that are on Madokami. So if you're looking to grab the Madokami Archive in the future, I suggest using this as a head start. You'll be 50% of the way there.

By the way, today is the anniversary of me losing my job and becoming unemployed. This is important because I'm broke and yet I'm still throwing away money trying to help you people. This is my first time even creating a torrent too. So if some shit is acting really weird, it's probably my fault. I'm too bitter and disillusioned about everyone else's technical competence to really be flustered about it so just tell me and I'll fix it. You can hit me up at

But because of my finance situation, don't expect me to be able to seed this for too long. I'll probably have it up for a few months. So if you've got good bandwidth, good storage, I suggest that you seed for the good of the archival process. I might set up some kind of BTC donation thing to keep it moving in the future. Any questions, send email.


1 12/10/2015, 4:22:00 PM UTC+0 wakabayashy
thank you !!!
2 12/10/2015, 4:23:00 PM UTC+0 plsnoriperino
We should all just give up manga entirely, obviously not worth it.
3 12/10/2015, 11:34:00 PM UTC+0 sukanime
OMG, thanks for the effort.... ^_^
4 12/17/2015, 4:58:00 PM UTC+0 Kirara
thnx OP i download torrent it save manga
5 12/30/2015, 0:29:00 AM UTC+0 NOP
Thanks bluethings <3