Touhou lossless music collection v18

Category: Audio - Lossless
Uploaded by: JackdDvice
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Hash: C3A02D432308CC633A50757A122535D904565917
Size: 1.3 TiB
Date: 8/6/2015, 3:44:00 AM UTC+0
Seeders: 1
Leechers: 1
Completed: 1
Last scraped: 3/30/2021, 7:48:12 AM UTC+0


Album images (45.8 GiB)

Supplementary material (Random stuff that came with the albums) (17.4 GiB)

Python script to rename some folders if you have an earlier version:


1 8/6/2015, 4:07:00 AM UTC+0 DankMemes
Holy shit this is insane
2 9/15/2015, 6:27:00 AM UTC+0 insanoflex7
This is quite amazing, I have your v17 torrent already at 70% and will be seeding within a day or so, when it finishes can i just click this torrent and will it update it to v18? (I dont know how to use python script.) Also, is this exclusively japanese music or other eastern (touhou) countries as well? Thanks in advance!
3 9/15/2015, 7:43:00 AM UTC+0 JackdDvice
Hey, the torrent was not originally created by me, but I'll be happy to help you out. Firstly, this is not a collection of eastern music, but a collection of remixes and all sorts of reinterpretations of the 'Touhou' game franchise by the genius Japanese programmer/composer/designer Jun'ya Ota. It might be hard to believe that all this content could have been inspired by a game, but you won't find it strange once you get acquainted with the vast Japanese (and worldwide) Touhou fanbase, which is, if not the biggest, definitely the most creative fanbase of anything, ever.
My recommendation for you would be to stop downloading and seeding the v17 torrent and instead download this one as the former is outdated and there is no reason to keep it alive. The torrent will take some time before starting because it will check all the data you already have, if your computer is slow this could take some time. Although you can easily run the python script on most operating systems by installing Python from the official website and running the script file inside the top level folder of the torrent, it is not necessary, although you will unnecessarily download some duplicates that way.
4 9/15/2015, 6:23:00 PM UTC+0 insanoflex7
Hey thanks a bunch for the info! Now i gotta check out the games!!
5 10/29/2015, 11:24:00 PM UTC+0 dilworks
Time to buy that new HDD... again!
6 11/24/2015, 9:21:00 PM UTC+0 Shimapan9
Hey, is there anyway to sort these albums into tracks?

Are there any .cue sheets or anything. Or is there another way to do it that I'm not aware of?
7 11/25/2015, 9:37:00 AM UTC+0 JackdDvice
You need to unpack "2015.06.30 cue sheets.7z", that's where all the cue sheets are.
8 3/7/2016, 7:27:00 AM UTC+0 Shikii
I'm amazed that a torrent that's over 1TB has 21 seeders.
9 3/13/2016, 7:55:00 AM UTC+0 Kuma187
I never thought the day would come when I'd say 1 MB/s is too slow. Or even 3MB.
10 3/22/2016, 5:21:00 PM UTC+0 Kuma187
Where has all the seeding gone? You'd normally never go beyond 1MB and sometimes up to 5 MB but we're lurking around 400 KB now.
11 3/23/2016, 1:27:00 AM UTC+0 JackdDvice
For me the speed is normal.. The torrent does kinda mess with the trackers because it's so large so make sure you have DHT and Peer Exchange enabled.
12 3/23/2016, 3:35:00 AM UTC+0 Kuma187
I have everything enabled. I checked them just to be sure and refreshed the trackers but nothing much has changed. That said, not everyone seems to be seeding.
13 3/26/2016, 2:10:00 PM UTC+0 zrayers
14 7/19/2016, 5:33:00 AM UTC+0 plasmacutter
I have my torrent client uncapped but the cloud doesn't seem to be pulling much at the torrent.

If I rent a seed box It could take a while to upload to it ~.~
15 7/27/2016, 2:33:00 AM UTC+0 fullcounter
man, I've been downloading this for like 4 months, with 400 up and 1 gbit downspeed, and no, it's not even complete as of now. My ratio now near 16 and I missed the last 300gb ffs. Please seed this.
16 8/20/2016, 2:22:00 AM UTC+0 plasmacutter
I'm still here, been seeding this for years.

I'm able to upload at a meg a second but people are only taking about 45-70k : /

Fullcounter, if you're managing to seed at that speed help out : )