Category: Audio - Lossy
Uploaded by: れんちょん
Website Link: N/A
Hash: F584209A33ED7C832F4C2F1029EFB78A91AD57E9
Size: 504.2 GiB
Date: 7/16/2014, 3:05:00 PM UTC+0
Seeders: 3
Leechers: 1
Completed: 11
Last scraped: 9/27/2020, 0:10:56 AM UTC+0


An anime-OST collection in MP3. Contains mostly opening/ending singles and OST albums.

Rough list of anime:

File list:

Torrent should be 14,236,742 bytes in size

Torrent should work in µtorrent (old 2.2.1 and new 3.4.2), Bittorrent, Deluge, Transmission, Tixati and Vuze

26 January 2015: OP continued seeding and will do for some upcoming time, though torrent remains poorly seeded due to lack of popularity and size.


1 7/16/2014, 3:27:00 PM UTC+0 Deth93
My browser crashed when I tried to see the files in it. :D
Damn huge.. + for work, but it's too big..
2 7/16/2014, 3:57:00 PM UTC+0 paulo27ms
Yep, browser took a while here too.
Thanks for uploading this, amazing work.
3 7/16/2014, 4:44:00 PM UTC+0 Coolwhip
I'm not even going to try I'm too scared my PC a shit.
4 7/16/2014, 5:00:00 PM UTC+0 Corus
500 gig..
5 7/17/2014, 1:26:00 PM UTC+0 Onii-chan
Oh my gosh
6 8/6/2014, 8:46:00 AM UTC+0 Cortax
yeah, too big. Love the size but had to downgrade my utorrent to be able to even start this torrent LOL. But since my hd crash I lost all my anime soundtracks so its perfect to replace some of what I lost so thx.
7 10/21/2014, 4:45:00 PM UTC+0 Nendael
Could someone please seed this torrent to help me complete it ? I'm stuck at 93%, I'll be able to seed it after for a long time. Thank you !
8 2/14/2015, 10:38:00 PM UTC+0 willemiliano
Seed please!!! I can keep seeding this torrent for a long time, but first I need someone seeding it for me!!!
9 4/30/2016, 2:45:00 PM UTC+0 kobayn
Re- seed please.