Naruto Complete Series + Movies (High Quality)(Dual Audio) MKV DVDRip

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Uploaded by: DarkDream787
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Size: 56.6 GiB
Date: 6/29/2014, 9:24:00 PM UTC+0
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Last scraped: 4/13/2021, 9:46:08 AM UTC+0


Encoded the entire series of Naruto + Movies into high quality MKV h.264 format with English + Japanese Audio and English Subtitles.

Finding episodes for this series was somewhat easy but finding all of them and in great quality was not. Apparently I've had enough requests and complaints of poor quality ones to more than verify that. Now you can enjoy the entire series in Dual Audio and Higher Quality video rips.

For playback all you need is the proper codec if you dont already have it.
Combined Community Codec Pack (which I prefer) or the K-Lite Codec pack should give you all you need and more to play these back.

You should be able to hear audio just fine if you have one of the mentioned codec packs above. If you cannot hear any audio and do not want to install a codec pack for some reason, then you do not have and need the nero aac audio codec. As of today it can be found here.


[Episodes 1-220]

[Movie 1 - Ninja Clash In The Land Of Snow]

[Movie 2 - Legend Of The Stone Of Gelel]

[Movie 3 - Guardians Of The Crescent Moon Kingdom]


1 6/29/2014, 10:58:00 PM UTC+0 Kokiri_ryo
Nezumi reencoded :P
2 6/29/2014, 11:20:00 PM UTC+0 DarkDream787
If I'm not mistaken they didn't have subtitles for the series, and they were kinda crappy upscales to try to make HD resolution. Not dual audio either.
3 6/29/2014, 11:20:00 PM UTC+0 Zero93644
Thanks. Have you thought about doing One Piece?
4 6/29/2014, 11:20:00 PM UTC+0 DarkDream787
If I'm not mistaken they didn't have subtitles for the series, and they were kinda crappy upscales to try to make HD resolution. Not dual audio either.
5 6/29/2014, 11:20:00 PM UTC+0 Zero93644
Thanks. Have you thought about doing One Piece?
6 6/29/2014, 11:20:00 PM UTC+0 DarkDream787
If I'm not mistaken they didn't have subtitles for the series, and they were kinda crappy upscales to try to make HD resolution. Not dual audio either.
7 6/29/2014, 11:20:00 PM UTC+0 Zero93644
Thanks. Have you thought about doing One Piece?
8 6/29/2014, 11:21:00 PM UTC+0 DarkDream787
Thought about doing One Piece but don't think I will be doing it anytime soon. I'm waiting for more of it to come out.
9 6/29/2014, 11:35:00 PM UTC+0 Zero93644
Some other animes in good quality I'm looking for are Inuyasha and Blood+. What animes are you currently interested in doing?
10 6/29/2014, 11:38:00 PM UTC+0 DarkDream787
All my to do plans are posted here near the bottom of the post. Inuyasha is currently on my to do list, Blood+ is not.
11 6/29/2014, 11:41:00 PM UTC+0 Zero93644
@DarkDream787 it seems I have to login. But I'll be looking forward to Inuyasha. Thanks.
12 6/29/2014, 11:57:00 PM UTC+0 DarkDream787
Yes, to view that thread in my forum you need an account. I will go ahead and post it here if it will allow one of that length.

These at the moment are pretty close to what I would consider "In Order" of how I will release them as of now. Its more than possible it could change, it all depends on how I'm feeling and whats more in demand.

((( This is mostly to let you know what I intend on releasing in the future )))
Not a promise of the order of release!

Digimon Season (Seasons 1-4)

Yu-Yu Hakusho (Complete Series) + Movies

Pokemon Season 5 (Other Seasons Will Soon Follow)

Inuyasha (Complete Series) + Movies

Trigun + Movie

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon S

Rurouni Kenshin (Seasons 1-3) + OVA's + Movie

Cardfight Vanguard

Dragonball Z (Ocean + Funimation Dub) + Movies

Avatar The Last Airbender

Ronin Warriors

The Pirates Of Dark Water

Naruto Shippuden (All Available DVD's)

Bleach (Complete Series) + Movies

As you can see my future release plans are pretty swamped at the moment so I probly wont be taking any more requests for a while. If I do take your request, from the looks of it you will be waiting a LONG time and without patience you might as well ask someone else or try it yourself. I may even be willing to help you out a bit if you know how to use AVISynth.

Usually the amount of requests for a specific series decides whether or not it moves up the list or down the list. The choice is also mine but I try to stick with whats being asked for more to come quicker. I also try to keep in mind what date it was requested, that can also contribute to going up and down the list.

Requests of series with under 12 episodes that wont take very long might be able to get moved up the list easier because they wouldnt take long to do.

A request of a movie that I have on DVD can easily be done in a day usually so those I can still take with ease as long as I already happen to have it on DVD or you have a workable source for me to fix up.

Requests for something so simple such as a series opening and closing or very short clip are also something I may accept and do asap because thats usually about an hour or two of work at the most and can be fitted in pretty easily.
13 6/30/2014, 0:16:00 AM UTC+0 Zero93644

Yu-Yu Hakusho (Very much in demand if it's bluray dual audio)


Rurouni Kenshin


Sailor Moon (not sure you can do better than SMC)
14 6/30/2014, 0:25:00 AM UTC+0 DarkDream787
Well I'm about to put all of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series and the movie up soon. You can see screenshots below.

After that I might consider moving on to Yu-Yu-Hakusho, but Digimon has been getting asked for more so we will see.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Capsule Monsters

The Movie
15 6/30/2014, 0:34:00 AM UTC+0 Zero93644
Some projects I would want to do in order,

Fairy Tail Part 1 and Part 2 US BD Dual-Audio

Claymore US BD Dual-Audio

Jormungand US BD Dual-Audio

Accel World US BD Dual-Audio

Fate/Zero US BD Dual-Audio

Guilty Crown US BD Dual-Audio

Blood-C US BD Dual-Audio

Unfortunately it takes more forever to build up ratio without a seedbox. So any of these BDMV's uploaded to nyaa would be appreciated.
16 6/30/2014, 0:37:00 AM UTC+0 Zero93644
@DarkDream787 The Yu-Gi-Oh movie takes me back. I actually saw it in theaters. I still have my Watapon card.
17 6/30/2014, 6:14:00 AM UTC+0 Suwadith
@Zero93644: I don't think DarkDream would do BD Encodes!
He never talked about doing that!
He likes fixing things! He is not just a ripper!
BDs do have better quality already so I don't think he will do it!
18 6/30/2014, 6:15:00 AM UTC+0 Suwadith
Any how I'm happy that you've finally decided to share your uploads here in nyaa!
And He's my encoding Teacher!
19 6/30/2014, 7:01:00 AM UTC+0 Zero93644
@Suwadith he did mention doing Yu Yu Hakusho which has been released in Bluray. I am assuming that is the version he would use as I can't think of a reason he would use the DVDrip. I did mention some other projects Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin and Trigun. Some old school animes that could use some fixing up.
20 6/30/2014, 10:19:00 AM UTC+0 Furhklem
Hi, thanks, I appreciate high quality releases :-)
I just wonder why you limit the bitrate to 1336 and don't go for a crf=18,19,20... for an optimal ratio of file size and quality.
21 6/30/2014, 3:35:00 PM UTC+0 hughinja
One question about the subtitles: Is the color yellow?
22 6/30/2014, 6:58:00 PM UTC+0 DarkDream787
@hughinja No, their .srt so their white subtitles by default unless your settings specify other words. You can change the color and font to whatever you want using DirectVOBSub.
23 6/30/2014, 7:12:00 PM UTC+0 hughinja
@DarkDream787 Thanks, i noticed after i downloaded the first episode though.
Really good quality, will seed with up to 300 kb/s when it's done (sorry but my connection won't get a higher upload rate *sigh*)
24 6/30/2014, 7:17:00 PM UTC+0 DarkDream787
When I first started out 3 years ago, I only had about 100kb/s upload speed for about 2 years until I upgraded to 10x as fast speed. I know how it can be, its fine.

25 7/2/2014, 0:14:00 AM UTC+0 ripsnorter
thanks DarkDream787

i have been waiting for this
26 7/2/2014, 6:31:00 AM UTC+0 ChoeyXD
In the future I hope u swich from 2-pass to CRF and don't encode the audio ;)
27 7/11/2014, 2:41:00 PM UTC+0 Kakarot Manrai
Hey DD please upload Dragon Ball Z 1-276 + movies in 4/3 ratio.they look better
28 7/13/2014, 4:20:00 AM UTC+0 Addaz
This is amazing!
29 7/15/2014, 1:38:00 PM UTC+0 Frank3nst3in
Do you have any plan to submit these [esp Naruto] in BakaBT?
30 7/15/2014, 1:52:00 PM UTC+0 DarkDream787
Yes, I plan to put them in BakaBT
31 7/15/2014, 2:20:00 PM UTC+0 Frank3nst3in
Nice. Do submit real quick and I hope it will get approved quickly too. I'll download from there then.
32 7/15/2014, 7:10:00 PM UTC+0 RedHawk02
I'm going to download this just to try it out.
I prefer fansub subtitles over dvd/bd subtitles but unfortunately most of the Naruto fansubs were hardcoded. I'll give this a try as I really want DVD quality encodes and I want the movies as well.
Thank you very much for this!!
33 7/23/2014, 9:39:00 PM UTC+0 Addaz
Did you rip the subtitles your self? and did you convert it from vobsub to srt?
34 7/24/2014, 7:47:00 AM UTC+0 DarkDream787
Yes I ripped the subtitles myself with a program called subrip then I spent a long time correcting any issues in them. It saved them to .srt format.
35 7/25/2014, 5:52:00 AM UTC+0 Addaz
Which audio track did you encode? eng or jpn?
36 7/25/2014, 5:38:00 PM UTC+0 Addaz
Never mind, I checked all the other Naruto rips, yours are the best!
37 7/28/2014, 4:46:00 AM UTC+0 Addaz
Will you do Shippuuden?
38 7/30/2014, 3:13:00 PM UTC+0 artistic_master
Is this 720p and dual audio flac

Answer me before I download.
39 7/30/2014, 11:04:00 PM UTC+0 Koby
Naruto was never animated any higher than 480p. It was aired on PDTV and released only to DVD.

This is 480p obviously. It's dual-audio. AAC audio.
40 7/31/2014, 8:56:00 PM UTC+0 DarkDream787

You could try looking at the screenshots provided instead of playing dumb about it.
41 8/10/2014, 5:36:00 AM UTC+0 aDi
Can u please Seed Case Closed and is their any IRC Channel of Yours ?
42 8/10/2014, 8:47:00 PM UTC+0 djc5166
What avisynth plugins did you use? Definitely didn't get my encodes looking this good.
43 8/16/2014, 3:13:00 AM UTC+0 DeyXperia98
But that good release. Too bad that I do not have space in my Pc :(((((
44 8/30/2014, 3:58:00 PM UTC+0 Addaz
██████╗ █████╗ ███████╗ ███████╗ ██████╗
██╔══██╗ ██╔══██╗ ██╔════╝ ██╔════╝ ██╔══██╗
██████╔╝ ███████║ ███████╗ █████╗ ██║ ██║
██╔══██╗ ██╔══██║ ╚════██║ ██╔══╝ ██║ ██║
██████╔╝ ██║ ██║ ███████║ ███████╗ ██████╔╝
╚═════╝ ╚═╝ ╚═╝ ╚══════╝ ╚══════╝ ╚═════╝
45 8/30/2014, 4:00:00 PM UTC+0 Addaz
damn fail.
46 10/16/2014, 5:59:00 PM UTC+0 AjayLikesGaming
Finally a competent Naruto release by someone who actually knows how to encode. This is hugely appreciated. Thank you so much.

For those looking to the comments for information - this release contains none of the dotcrawl, ghosting or excessive banding from the low quality, overly compressed releases of old. This looks wonderful and especially so when combined with MadVR's scaling methods.

Subtitles are from the retail release (aka not fansubs) so there are no honorifics. Likwise, attack names are half translated aka 'Shadow Clone Jutsu'. Perfectly fine for those used to it but if you're a stickler for retaining those types of things, you may want to time your own subs to this release as you won't find better visual quality elsewhere.

Audio is great and features both the original Japanese track alongside the English dub too.

Fantastic torrent. A release that was long overdue. Thank you.
47 11/5/2014, 11:35:00 AM UTC+0 krmit1
thank you DarkDream787. seed people!
48 11/10/2014, 11:13:00 PM UTC+0 krmit1
subtitles aren't working for me. using vlc
49 11/10/2014, 11:53:00 PM UTC+0 krmit1
got it working with mpc-hc. thanks again darkdream
50 12/23/2014, 4:39:00 PM UTC+0 sawada91
Are you going to create a similar torrent, but with just japanese audio? And something for shippuuden?
51 12/29/2014, 3:36:00 PM UTC+0 Lupin the Nerd
Stop misleading down loaders that DVD rips are high quality dude. You limit the bitrate to 1336? Please tell me you are not that retarded.
52 1/1/2015, 10:56:00 AM UTC+0 n0xiety
You can't find a better quality version than this one so i don't get what your problem is Lupin. I do have a problem with speed tho its downlading with 20kb/s with this big of a torrent its going to take literally forever...
53 1/19/2015, 3:15:00 AM UTC+0 L0rDemon15
Is this japanese or USA version?
54 2/1/2015, 5:30:00 AM UTC+0 DarkDream787
@ Sawada
this has Japanese audio I don't need to make another torrent.

you are a dumbass

I would check your torrent client settings, I am seeding at a minimum of 700kb/s and I have friends seeding from a seedbox at several MB/s.

Try actually reading the torrent title or description instead of being lazy
55 2/13/2015, 5:33:00 AM UTC+0 clutchins
Have you done those Naruto OVAs?
56 2/22/2015, 11:44:00 AM UTC+0 rayan193
is this uncut?
57 5/2/2015, 11:42:00 PM UTC+0 slimshadythe11
Thanks alot for this :D
58 7/9/2015, 7:34:00 AM UTC+0 vunsb
@darkDream I thin L0rDemon15 was asking the same as rayan193! Is this japanese version or english? I don't know if it is true but: "The English is horrible compared to the Japanese. They cut out blood, and most of the cursing too. And they change jutsu names. They even butcher some important scenes.".... so? what is this? Did you took uncut raws and added dual audio and subs?
59 7/31/2015, 3:38:00 PM UTC+0 DarkDream787

The american release has blood and is not edited. Maybe what was shown on TV in America may have been edited, but the uncut DVD's still have all of that.

The used DVD's were all 16 of these.
60 9/4/2015, 11:00:00 AM UTC+0 uchihaitachi
Hey can anyone tell is it better than yellow flash(incomplete) and the one named naruto 544p( on nyaa #488807) I mean is it better than this standard DVD source or just an upscale????
Also comment on their audio quality as well plz....
61 9/10/2015, 8:18:00 PM UTC+0 Constantine
To all the morons who go to comment sections and try to give the encoder tips on how to encode their fucking releases. Shut the hell up, you don't know shit about encoding.

Best torrent of naruto by far, based.
62 10/2/2015, 4:19:00 AM UTC+0 DarkDream787

The yellow flash release used a different source. They used the Japanese DVD's then upscaled it a tad bit. Because the Japanese DVD's for this series had a much better quality release than the USA DVD's, Yellow Flash's few episodes are probly better quality, even if upscaled a tad. They looked pretty nice to me from what I saw in screenshots. I didn't see the video to rate if they fixed it properly or not, so I'm gonna guess for now judging by the screenshots.

Until I get all the Japanese DVD's, I cant really top the few episodes video quality wise that Yellow Flash did and didn't finish. I have the same amount of episodes Yellow Flash did on Japanese DVD and I'm trying to get more so I can re-encode using the much better source. Their just too damn rare and too expensive to get ahold of.

Mine is certainly the best quality copy you will find coming from the USA DVD's, I can promise that one.

Overall, ideal collection at the moment is probly get the few episodes that yellow flash did, then get the rest of the episodes from my torrent, or get both.
63 11/3/2015, 6:40:00 AM UTC+0 Public
How does yours compare to something like the new batch from HorribleSubs?
64 11/5/2015, 0:58:00 PM UTC+0 Drofnuts

The big difference would be that this torrent is a rip from the uncut USA DVD, but the Horriblesubs batch will be a rip from Crunchyroll. Also Horriblesubs has yet to release a batch of the original Naruto (2002-2007) they only have a batch for Shipuuden.
65 11/5/2015, 1:12:00 PM UTC+0 Drofnuts

Also if Horriblesubs eventually does rip the original Naruto from Crunchyroll, I'm not sure if it will be uncut, because I don't know if Crunchyroll has the uncut version.

Crunchyroll tends to air censored versions of anime most of the time, quite simply, because Crunchyroll kindof works like television in the sence that they need to comply with censor laws I THINK.

DVDs and Blu Rays don't need to comply to any censor laws so therefore they are uncensored. Take Tokyo Ghoul for ex. Censored on funimation or horriblesubs rip, obviosly cause they rip funimation, but the lu ray is uncensored.

This torrent on the other hand is the uncut DVD USA release. As in UNCUT.