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[Hien] PS3: Mugen Souls Z (Uncensored)

Category: Software - Games
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Website Link: http://hien.adorably.moe/
Hash: 8C6F271811EE9976B0A3853F43B5E3AB8A3EE18D
Size: 7.6 GiB
Date: 6/2/2014, 5:53:00 PM UTC+0
Seeders: 0
Leechers: 1
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Last scraped: 12/12/2019, 11:11:44 AM UTC+0
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Since NISA supposedly removed lots of CG and a mini-game, here's a custom version that should be uncensored. It uses the Japanese version as its base while having all resource files in English.

This is version 1.0 which has various problems. Look at the blog for a patch to 1.2 and how to apply it.


1 6/2/2014, 10:48:00 PM UTC+0 onee sama
no have the glitch in slumbering boss? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAahs-Lrxus
2 6/2/2014, 10:55:00 PM UTC+0 Majin3
onee sama: Depends on what the actual problem is. If it's a broken resource file, this version will have the issue as well. If it's broken code inside the main executable (EBOOT:BIN), it won't.
3 6/2/2014, 11:07:00 PM UTC+0 onee sama
descargare y probare,por suerte tengo los dlc de esta version BLJM61028
4 6/3/2014, 6:27:00 AM UTC+0 onee sama
playing, the game freeze when syrma learn change ability
5 6/5/2014, 9:08:00 AM UTC+0 Banzaj
6 6/11/2014, 3:35:00 PM UTC+0 Cakku
Sadly this version crashes in mugenfield too, so it seems to be from english localization files. Gotta wait for official patch..
7 6/12/2014, 6:40:00 PM UTC+0 Majin3
Cakku: I'd take a look but it seems like a patch will be out soon anyway.
8 7/9/2014, 2:42:00 AM UTC+0 DiasFlac
Awesome, thanks! Any plans on uploading an uncensored version of the first game?
9 8/28/2014, 7:04:00 AM UTC+0 DiasFlac
I tried it but couldn't get very far since the game keeps freezing :( Always freezes when pressing start to change the settings, and randomly after battles.
10 1/18/2016, 6:16:00 PM UTC+0 HatsuNeko
Could someone seed this pretty please? ^-^
11 1/27/2016, 4:50:00 AM UTC+0 InquisitionImplied
This needs to be reseeded, if you could!
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