Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] for Windows

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Uploaded by: れんちょん
Website Link: http://anonym.to/?http://www.typemoon.com/products/fate_dl/index.html
Hash: 18D44B555A7DE78FE285A0D37F1E90FCB8548584
Size: 6.4 GiB
Date: 4/25/2013, 0:10:00 PM UTC+0
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Leechers: 3
Completed: 56
Last scraped: 4/14/2021, 3:48:38 PM UTC+0


All-ages PC port, available in Japanese language only.
Thanks to /jp/ for the games and cracks.


1 4/30/2013, 6:14:00 PM UTC+0 Dekkerlion
Now while this is freaking awesome ,I must ask ,are there any differences from the original PC version except the voices added(that could've been added from the PS2 version)?
Something like increased CG/overall resolution or more anime sequences,something ported from the PSVita version ,anything at all?

Thanks uploader,great job!
2 5/4/2013, 3:12:00 AM UTC+0 emstein
This Realta Nua ported to PC must be the PS2 version, not that of the Vita. The Realta Nua on PC came earlier than the release of Vita. There are 3 videos, on for each route, here in the torrent file. The only difference of thr PS2 and Vita version are the videos at the end of prologue.
3 5/4/2013, 3:15:00 AM UTC+0 emstein
Anyway, it works perfectly fine. No need for the valid serial number and online activation of sort. Problem with SecuRom has been solved. Thanks for the cracks. I've waiting for so long to have it cracked.
4 5/18/2013, 3:14:00 PM UTC+0 XerBlade
Actually, the Vita version redid the soundtrack as well. Just FYI.
5 6/16/2013, 6:28:00 PM UTC+0 comores
I cant get mine to work, is there any magic trick to it?
6 6/22/2013, 5:53:00 AM UTC+0 emstein
Yup, also the soundtrack. Sorry, I forgot about that.

just extract the crack files in their respective game directories. and play the cracked .exe files
(i.e.: Fate/stay night[Realta Nua] -Fate-.exe; Fate/stay night[Realta Nua] -Heaven's Feel-.exe and Fate/stay night[Realta Nua] -Unlimited Blade Works-.exe),
then enjoy the game. Fate storyline has its Eng patch currently on process. =))
7 6/22/2013, 8:57:00 AM UTC+0 zrlan7710
Now I have a reason to finish what I started. Many thanks!
8 6/24/2013, 2:14:00 PM UTC+0 ElpChidori
When I try to start to run the Cracked files. It gives me an error pop-up as:

????/ C:\Users\Downloads\Fate stay nght Realta Nua\Fate\Fate/stay night[Realta Nua] -Fate-\Fate/stay night[Realta Nua] -Fate-.exe. ?????.

Any help please?
9 6/25/2013, 5:31:00 AM UTC+0 emstein
ElpChidori: Maybe you don't have your computer's system locale to Japanese. To set it up:

[for Windows 7] Go to Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region > Region and Language > Administrative Tab > under Language for non-Unicode programs, change the system locale to Japanese (Japan). Then, restart. And try to run the .exe again..

For other info and for Windows XP and Vista: http://fuwanovel.org/faq/4

Then, enjoy the game. =)
10 6/25/2013, 11:56:00 AM UTC+0 ElpChidori
It worked! Thanks a lot Emstein :) I struggled about 1-2 days to get this fixed. Moreover I'm using W8 instead of W7 so, that took me a little while to figure it out. But it's working perfectly atm. Now I can finally enjoy this as well.

Thanks again for your support :)
11 6/27/2013, 2:07:00 PM UTC+0 ElpChidori
Btw. ElpChidori here again with a quick comment drop. Is it just me or is the Voice for Shirou not working?
12 6/28/2013, 2:29:00 AM UTC+0 emstein
There were some discussions at BL re: Shirou's voice being disabled by default. Anyway, you can manually enable it on the Config Menu, click on the 2nd button from the top right hand corner (beneath the SE volume) and click on Shirou's pic to enable his voice.
13 6/28/2013, 0:31:00 PM UTC+0 ElpChidori
Perfect! It worked :P Thanks again Emstein Also I haven't seen the blog anywhere, so I was completely clueless haha. Thanks again! Life saver right there.
14 6/28/2013, 3:29:00 PM UTC+0 emstein
No biggie. I am really glad to be helping a fellow FSN fan. I also had that problem myself and I've been a lurker at BL. I'm merely relaying the fix I got from the forum. Credits go to them. =))

Just feel free to ask and even if I can't answer it, I'm sure someone will manage to do so. =)
15 8/11/2013, 11:41:00 PM UTC+0 Declare koi koi!
So I torrented the visual novel, extracted the crack files in the correct directories, and changed my computer's system locale to Japanese (Japan) from English (United States), and I still cannot run the vn. When I try running the .exe files, I get an error window in Japanese and two console windows with a blue background, all of which I have to end up closing.

Anyone have a solution? Help is much appreciated.
16 8/12/2013, 7:22:00 AM UTC+0 Declare koi koi!
Alright, so I managed to get the vn running with the help of a friend, but none of the english translation patches for the PC version of realta nua seems to be compatible with the vn. It's like I'm mixing files that shouldn't be together, and when I get rid of the translation patches, the game opens properly and runs, but it's still all untranslated. Anyone have a link to a translation patch that worked for them with this copy of the game?
17 8/21/2013, 6:17:00 PM UTC+0 Hiraki
I need help whenever I try to open FSN 'FateSaber.exe' it prompts me with a message asking for Serial code. Where can I get the code?
18 8/21/2013, 6:23:00 PM UTC+0 Hiraki
I went ahead and extracted the 'Fate Crack' folder and it gave me a 'Fate/stay night[Realta Nua] -Fate-' but when I run it 2 error Japanese blue windows pop up. Can someone help me fix this!
19 8/28/2013, 4:14:00 PM UTC+0 Endymion
Here. Make sure you're NOT using the crack from this torrent. Only the actual VN. (that patch have a crack included)
20 9/3/2013, 10:11:00 AM UTC+0 lake09
is this the version where every scene has been restored,even the h-scenes?
21 9/6/2013, 7:48:00 AM UTC+0 canaschristian
can't get this crack loading ... please, solutions? :\
22 9/6/2013, 10:46:00 AM UTC+0 Endymion
@lake09 how about you try to load that link and read what it says?
it restores Hscenes, it restores other deleted lines, it restores some of the deleted voices (compared to PS2 version), it ports soundtrack from PSVita (optional) and have hentai uncensored (optional)
if crack from this torrent is not working, means your windows is not set to japanese locale. most likely.
23 9/7/2013, 7:54:00 PM UTC+0 canaschristian
found the answer, thanks :)
24 9/8/2013, 1:54:00 AM UTC+0 cooler166
Hey im having problems with the restoration patch. I unrared the patch into the Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua Heavens Feel folder, and when i try to run HF_english.exe a window pops up saying "Savedata is corrupted or not supported" please help!
25 9/8/2013, 2:09:00 AM UTC+0 Endymion
obviously you need to remove your savedata. you can keep data.bmp files as long as they work though
26 9/8/2013, 7:18:00 PM UTC+0 cooler166
I know that, I read the readme file, but it happens even when I delete the old folder fate stay night folder, and unrar a clean one from the torrent, it also still says that even if there is no savefolder.
27 9/8/2013, 8:57:00 PM UTC+0 Endymion
savedata filder located in your "mydocuments" filder and called "faterealtanua_savedata"
if you see another savedata folder in the main game directory, it it is created by some other crappy patch or by the crack from this torrent and have nothing to do with restoration patch. restoration patch simply ignores it
28 9/8/2013, 9:14:00 PM UTC+0 Endymion
btw if you remove that savedata and start restoration patch 1st, you have some chances that unpatched fate/ubw/hf will work with that sevedata too. but be careful. there is no guarantee that at some point unpatched versions won't overwrite it again so that it'll become incompatible again. I haven't tried myself.
29 9/8/2013, 9:27:00 PM UTC+0 cooler166
Ohhhh it was the one in mydocuments. Thx it works now :)
30 9/22/2013, 0:26:00 AM UTC+0 Shikiller
If I download this, can I patch it with Waku's Réalta Nua PC ver. patch? Or it only works with the HF's MeruP patch?
31 9/23/2013, 1:02:00 AM UTC+0 Shikiller
Just finished the download, I changed my Windows Locale to Japan but the crack still doesn't work. Anyone who can help me? Since I want to use Waku Waku patch for Fate and it seems MeruP's patch only works with Heaven's Feel.
32 9/23/2013, 11:42:00 AM UTC+0 emstein
Yes, you can use Waku Waku's Réalta Nua PC ver. patch AND MeruP's HF restoration patch on this game.

The crack files will work on unpatched (Japanese language) of the game, provided you have your system locale/Language for non-Unicode programs set to Japanese.

Waku Waku has made patches for both Fate and UBW, while MeruP has made a HF restoration patch. You can use those patches, provided you followed the patching guide on their blogs/readmes (i.e. Waku Waku's patches be placed on the savedata folder and using the cracked .exe; while MeruP's patch be placed on the main game directory and using MeruP's own .exe).

Waku Waku and MeruP have both made their patches compatible with non-JPN locale. So you can play without switching your native locale to JPN if you plan to use patches from either or both makers.

A note on locales, rename the cracked .exe in Fate and UBW if you wish to use Waku Waku's patches in non-JPN locale so that the cracked.exe name has no non-ascii character/s. Though, unrenamed crack .exe works on JPN locale.

Enjoy the VN.
33 9/24/2013, 1:08:00 AM UTC+0 Shikiller
God, this is so depressing. I'm still getting nothing, when I try to open the .exe files (the cracked ones) a windows pop-ups with an error message, just like the one ElpChidori post above and this is happen to me both in US Locale and Japanese Locale (it just changes the '?' signs from one to kanji in another). I've also tried to run Heaven's Feel with MeruP's patch (using his/her crack), but I get the same error message that I mentioned before (and it's really weird, 'cause I thought that my problem was only with the cracks of this torrent). I'm just hoping this can be fixed, and also thanks to @emstein, although I haven't make it works. Oh, and also I'm sorry for my English, not a native speaker.
34 9/24/2013, 5:08:00 AM UTC+0 emstein
Hi Shikiller. Try stop seeding the torrent and look if the game directories'/folders' properties attribute set to read-only. If yes, uncheck it. I remember it being an issue to some torrented VNs, or something like that.
Or permanently rename the folders and cracked .exe's so that there would be no /,[,] and/or '. Or don't place Make sure you place things in their rightful and respective directories and don't use Applocale (I remember MeruP greatly discourage the use of Applocale :) ). Try shifting to JPN locale first and see it it works; then try the game on whatever native locale you are using.

Well, those were the common fixes I encounter for VNs, it wouldn't hurt to try which one/s can make this game play on your system. And backup and/or delete the contents of your faterealtanua_savedata folder everytime you shift from unpatched to MeruP's/Waku Waku's patch/es, or from MeruP's to Waku Waku's, or vice versa.
35 9/24/2013, 6:06:00 AM UTC+0 Endymion
what do you mean by "it just changes the '?' signs from one to kanji in another"
Obliviously if youre not using Jaoanese locale there should be no any kanji at all. OnIy English symbols or it won't work.
36 9/24/2013, 6:12:00 AM UTC+0 Endymion
"Waku Waku and MeruP have both made their patches compatible with non-JPN locale."
This is not correct. If you follow that thread, you should know it should be like this:
"MeruP made all of these patches compatible with non-JPN locale and WakuWaku basically doesn't knows a shit about what he is doing."
37 9/24/2013, 7:58:00 AM UTC+0 emstein
Hi Endymion. Oh yeah sorry. I stand corrected.

Anyway, I think Shikiller meant 'it' as the change from US to Japanese locale, since he mentioned the 2 locales in order; and that he probably meant "it just changes the '?' signs (in US locale) from one (those ? signs) to kanji in another (another locale -- Japanese locale)."
So he saw the kanji when he switched to Japanese locale and saw ? in US locale. But he still saw error nonetheless.
38 9/24/2013, 8:19:00 AM UTC+0 Endymion
I see, I have no idea then...
39 9/24/2013, 10:50:00 PM UTC+0 Shikiller
OMFG, Thank you both @emstein and @Endymion, I finally made it work, I'm crying of happiness TT^TT. And yes, the goddamn error was being produced by the '/' and the '[ ]' in the folder's name.

I have to say it again, THANKS :')
40 10/9/2013, 2:14:00 PM UTC+0 Slapyousilly
Is this a visual novel? or what kind of game is it.
41 10/9/2013, 3:25:00 PM UTC+0 emstein
Yes, a visual novel.
Info: http://vndb.org/v11
42 11/20/2013, 11:39:00 AM UTC+0 Ikamato
So ... I downloaded everything and also have UBW and HF running properly ... but I can't run the Fate route ... I moved the crack into the right folder ( previously extracted) but when I want to run the .exe nothing happens, anyone knows what to do?
43 2/19/2014, 2:03:00 AM UTC+0 tiagofeits
there are some points to consider while running this on non-japanese windows systems: 1-slash and other characters are not accepted. rename folders and application name. 2-set unicode programs to use japanese, you can change that into control panel/locale settings. That's what I did, in my laptop with portuguese version of windows.
44 3/19/2014, 2:41:00 PM UTC+0 Blink2
Hello there! Ah Since this torrent says that it's only in Japanese language?
Does it need to be patch with a English translation patch from mirror moon and is this New Fate/Stay Night game compatible with this recent patch that is hosted here?

Sorry for my bad English hehe I'm not a native speaker and thanks for uploading this great game in advance! :)
45 3/20/2014, 0:57:00 AM UTC+0 Blink2
I mean that's hosted in this site
46 3/20/2014, 7:49:00 AM UTC+0 Blink2
Seed please! the download's a bit slower than usual?
47 3/29/2014, 11:58:00 PM UTC+0 Mjolnersson
Works perfectly fine. You dont even need to change Windows locale - just install "HF pAppLoc". It makes playing jap games lot easier! Thanks for uploading this great torrent.
48 3/31/2014, 3:00:00 PM UTC+0 Blink2
there's no need to change it to Japanese locale or download anything just to make this game works!!!
I was even able to play it in English locale without using applocale or pAppLoc or anything at all!? :)
49 5/8/2014, 0:24:00 AM UTC+0 AGENT
Guess we couldn't use mirror_moon's eng patch with this release or could we?
50 5/9/2014, 3:34:00 AM UTC+0 emstein
use the latest patches listed at vndb.org: http://vndb.org/t5088
those were the same patches as in (but more organized than): http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/4745-Fate-Stay-Night-Realta-Nua-PC-version-Mirror-Moon-TL-insertion-project
51 5/9/2014, 3:37:00 AM UTC+0 emstein
just use the patches for the Realta Nua PC version

mirrormoon's and other patches for the Original PC version will not work.
52 7/16/2014, 4:11:00 AM UTC+0 darkraiders
Each time i finish the prologue it bug and i have to close the program.
53 7/16/2014, 4:25:00 AM UTC+0 darkraiders
Nvm, i found out what was the problem.
54 7/16/2014, 11:55:00 PM UTC+0 machokana
I have set my non-unicode to Japan and extrated the crack files to their respective game directories and unchecked all the read onlys but when I try to run the application it doesn't load or do anything, and when I click the FateHF, FateUBW, etc it asks me for a serial number. Can anyone explain what is going on? Thanks.
55 7/19/2014, 5:53:00 AM UTC+0 machokana
Now that the previous problem finally got shafted, does anyone now how to fix the bug that happens at the end of the prologue like what happened to darkraiders. I've tried unblocking files and stuff but it still wont work.
56 7/22/2014, 7:36:00 AM UTC+0 StinkyArseCrack
@machokana If you're talking about the crash when the cinematic is supposed to play, installing the Combined Community Codec Pack fixed the problem for me: http://www.cccp-project.net
57 7/22/2014, 11:35:00 PM UTC+0 machokana
@StinkyArseCrack Thank you soo much....!!! *=*
58 7/25/2014, 0:55:00 AM UTC+0 wvekng
@machokana How were you able to get the cracks working? I've done everything correct up to this point: changing locale, extracting them correctly even getting rid of all symbols and checked if it was read only.

I -still- cannot get this thing to work.
59 7/26/2014, 3:53:00 AM UTC+0 royr719
Does this works with this patch? http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/4745-Fate-Stay-Night-Realta-Nua-PC-version-Mirror-Moon-TL-insertion-project
60 7/26/2014, 4:49:00 AM UTC+0 Rokudaime-dono
Just rename the cracks so they are called the same thing as the original exe files which the cracks are meant to replace. In other words, "FateSaber".exe, "FateUBW".exe, and "FateHF".exe respectively. And remove the original exes with the same names that comes with the game, of course. You need to run the game by double-clicking on the crack.exe's, not the original ones.
61 7/27/2014, 5:21:00 PM UTC+0 StinkyArseCrack
@royr719 Yup, using the very same patch myself.
62 7/29/2014, 4:50:00 AM UTC+0 Verifi32
Can anyone give me instructions on how to activate the game with the patches from http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/4745-Fate-Stay-Night-Realta-Nua-PC-version-Mirror-Moon-TL-insertion-project. I have absolutely no idea what I'm suppose to do, thank you.
63 7/29/2014, 10:57:00 AM UTC+0 JP297
I cannot get this working. I have downloaded the same patch as Verifi32. I am sure I have them installed correctly, and I have followed all the instructions from these comments, yet when I run the cracked exe I get a sytax error and a blue screen.
64 8/3/2014, 10:49:00 AM UTC+0 Sapewloth
I have the exact same problem as you @darkraiders and I have no idea what the problem is. HELP!
65 8/4/2014, 7:19:00 AM UTC+0 TheM4gicMan
DO NOT use the crack included with this torrent!
Refer to this video for a working patch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0rMA6piiUE
66 8/4/2014, 5:44:00 PM UTC+0 Junx5
Thanks for the vid man . Helped me alot .
67 8/6/2014, 8:49:00 AM UTC+0 Critical
I need help. I copied all the files like it was explained in the Translation Patch's Readme but it keeps on giving me the securom prompt.
68 8/8/2014, 11:57:00 PM UTC+0 siegneozeon
@TheM4gicMan if I don't want to use the crack with this torrent where would I get a working crack? I've tried all the fixes people have listed here and clicking on the crack still does nothing, doesn't start anything up.
69 8/9/2014, 2:10:00 AM UTC+0 siegneozeon
Never mind I wasn't dragging data.xp3 into the proper folder, it works fine now
70 8/22/2014, 3:55:00 PM UTC+0 JunKx
http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/4745-Fate-Stay-Night-Realta-Nua-PC-version-Mirror-Moon-TL-insertion-project . This patch,does it translate all 3 three route ?
71 8/26/2014, 6:59:00 AM UTC+0 Kouma
I have a question: the realta nua in this torrent is in japanese, I downloaded the patch that the guys above linked but I don't know what to do with them. The correct is put the folder "faterealtanua_savedata" inside the folder that have the crack and the files? If yes, I do this but when I launch the crack the game is still in japanese.
Please, I don't know if I'm using the patch correctly and this is the only issue left for me.
72 8/30/2014, 5:24:00 AM UTC+0 Rokudaime-dono
People...For the love of god, just read the readme that is included with the patch, it explains everything you need to do. It's not that hard.

The "faterealtanua_savedata" folder goes in your "My Documents" folder, not in the game folder. The patch files then all go in the "faterealtanua_savedata" folder. The cracks (there are 3. One for each route) that are included with the game (NOT in the patch!) however go in their respective game folders, replacing the exes that are already there (give them the same name). Refer to my post up above.
73 9/25/2014, 7:08:00 AM UTC+0 xZapdos
Thanks for the upload, the game worked fine here, and if anyone needs a translation patch, I got one here: http://realtapatch.tumblr.com/

All you need to do is:
1- Change the name of the crack file, to "FateSaber.exe", "FateUBW.exe" and "FateHF.exe", then put it in the game folder and delete the original .exe;
2- Remove every "/" and "[ ]" from the folder's name;
3- Run the game, you will get a blue screen and something in japanese writes on it, just ignores and close the game;
4- Go to My Documents folder, there should be a new folder there called "faterealtanua_savedata", delete everything there, then paste the contests of the translation patch there;
5- Run the game again. It should work fine now. And you don't need to use the applocale.
74 9/25/2014, 3:45:00 PM UTC+0 AdventSign
Everything works fine except for the Heaven's Feel file. It says that it is damaged or in an unknown format. I also noticed that it is a different file than the other ones are.

Is there anyway you can upload the file again as a rar file? Or am I missing something?
75 10/5/2014, 1:51:00 AM UTC+0 Dunban
Ok, so I have downloaded and extracted everything from the folders into their own separate folders. Can someone explain to me how to install this game? I mean, I have to put the cracks somewhere, right?
76 10/7/2014, 6:12:00 AM UTC+0 Hakurei no Miko
I'm so confuse, this is my first time playing a visual novel. How do you even install it?? Are you supposed to move the crack files somewhere?? Pls help!!!! I am really noob to tech stuff, so I might not be able to understand alot of tech terms.
77 10/7/2014, 6:13:00 AM UTC+0 Hakurei no Miko
In the first place, what do you mean by the gam folder??? 0.0
78 10/7/2014, 7:45:00 AM UTC+0 Hakurei no Miko
*game and confused
79 10/7/2014, 6:23:00 PM UTC+0 Junx5
The differences between this one and the 2004 ?
80 10/8/2014, 1:17:00 PM UTC+0 Hakurei no Miko
ummm... was that question directed to me?? i just want to know how to open and operate the visual novel, pls help!!
81 10/8/2014, 4:14:00 PM UTC+0 Junx5
@miko zapdos alr show how .
82 10/10/2014, 2:30:00 AM UTC+0 amekio
Hi guys, does anyone know how to fix the UBW crack? Everytime I finish the prologue (when saber comes in and it turns all white) there's an ERROR saying something about a "script exception" , "play movie" and "EAccessViolation"

There's also a bunch of japanese writings with a blue screen and coding protocols, like "function on Stop()"

Help how do you fix this problem???
83 10/11/2014, 4:32:00 PM UTC+0 Onurtag
The FAQ at translation page says that you should update your LAV filters
84 10/11/2014, 10:52:00 PM UTC+0 ronik
I also had the same problem as amekio and the file that Onurtag links fixed the problem. Thanks!
85 10/12/2014, 4:00:00 PM UTC+0 Hakurei no Miko
i still dont understand what the game folder is, :(
86 10/12/2014, 9:14:00 PM UTC+0 maruseru
this shit doesn't work and I don't have the time to be moving shit around and testing if it works somehow because the uploader didn't attach a proper fucking readme with the instructions.
87 10/14/2014, 2:33:00 AM UTC+0 Hakurei no Miko
I unzipped the files and replaced the original game file with the crack exe. file but when i try to opn the app nothing happens. :( ple help!!
88 10/23/2014, 6:48:00 AM UTC+0 gorgonkeyboard
Is there an update to that english patch that will make it so that I don't have to change app locales everytime I want to fap to some H-scenes of heaven's feel?
89 10/29/2014, 9:32:00 PM UTC+0 gokuthepower
I tried everything to no end. it still gives me a weird error. http://puu.sh/cvrMq/cbad39edac.jpg
90 11/9/2014, 10:54:00 PM UTC+0 EroJuu
this is how i got mine installed and working on my first try.

Step 0: download beast lair's English patch http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/4745-Fate-Stay-Night-Realta-Nua-PC-version-Mirror-Moon-TL-insertion-project

Step 0: Create folder then place all the rar files in there (i named mine Fate realta nua)

Step 1: Extract Fate Stay Night Realta Nua English.rar

Step 2: Follow the instructions of Readme.txt of Fate Stay Night Realta Nua English.rar

Step 3: Read and follow xZapdos's comment. (scroll up to comment #73)
His 3rd instruction may not happen. (didnt happen in my case)
91 11/10/2014, 8:24:00 PM UTC+0 SpaceNurse
I'm having problems specifically with Heaven's Feel. Fate and UBW worked perfectly fine but it seems HF won't even open. Im having two japanese tabs and 1 blue one when i try to start it. I've tried redownloading it, have my applocale set to japanese and im only having this problem on heaven's feel.
Help is appreciated :/
92 11/11/2014, 10:17:00 AM UTC+0 SpaceNurse
ok so apparently the sakpatch_english.xp3 file was causing it to crash :/ not sure how it got corrupted but redownloading the sakpatch fixed it :D
93 11/22/2014, 4:44:00 PM UTC+0 S3RC
I've downloaded and installed the game and cracks but each of the three games appears to play the Unlimited Blade Works route no matter which one I choose.
94 11/26/2014, 6:16:00 PM UTC+0 Preytor
When I download the file,a message from avg antivirus pops up saying this is a virus.Does anyone have the same problem?
95 2/2/2015, 6:32:00 PM UTC+0 elvenqueen
What app does F/SN RN need to be before it'll open properly? I've tried a few, random things (a Windows video player, StartURL, even frickin' Notepad--a software expert, I am not *sweatdrops*), and nothing works.
96 2/9/2015, 4:36:00 AM UTC+0 Stannerz
Does this include the H scenes?
97 3/6/2015, 2:06:00 PM UTC+0 k16
it's asking a "SERIAL" code now. Does anyone know about this serial code?
98 4/9/2015, 9:36:00 PM UTC+0 dodo20001219
Why does every single one of the 3 games open into Unlimited Blade Works?
99 4/10/2015, 1:50:00 AM UTC+0 dodo20001219
100 4/10/2015, 3:29:00 AM UTC+0 dodo20001219
How to get F/SN VN working

Download the VN files from here: #427133
Download the English translation files from here: https://mega.co.nz/#!kgpDWBDC!_AauU3aHQ8WATX4Lm6OyTc5tGKNG_sGieK1mDHM9gI4
Create a new folder to put all the .rar files in. (I named mine F SN Files)
Extract Fate Stay Night Realta Nua English.rar (If you don’t have a .rar extractor download one here: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html)
Follow the instructions in README.txt of the folder Fate Stay Night Realta Nua English
Go back to the folder with all the .rar files and create a new folder called Fate
Extract Fate.rar and Fate Crack.rar into the Fate folder
Remove every “/“ and “[ ]” from the folder name
Name the crack file name to FateSaber.exe and move it into the folder (Click replace if windows asks you)
There should also be a file named data.xp3 , move it into the folder.
Repeat steps 6-10 for Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel but name the UBW crack file to FateUBW.exe and the Heaven’s Feel crack file to FateHF.exe
Download: http://www.cccp-project.net and https://github.com/Nevcairiel/LAVFilters/releases/download/0.62/LAVFilters-0.62-Installer.exe
That should be it, no need to change the Applocale, if you still have problems check out http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/4745-Fate-Stay-Night-Realta-Nua-PC-version-Mirror-Moon-TL-insertion-project or https://www.reddit.com/r/anime/wiki/seriesfaq-fate
101 4/10/2015, 3:33:00 AM UTC+0 dodo20001219
How to get F/SN VN working

Step 1. Download the VN files from here: #427133

Step 2. Download the English translation files from here: https://mega.co.nz/#!kgpDWBDC!_AauU3aHQ8WATX4Lm6OyTc5tGKNG_sGieK1mDHM9gI4

Step 3. Create a new folder to put all the .rar files in. (I named mine F SN Files)

Step 4. Extract Fate Stay Night Realta Nua English.rar (If you don’t have a .rar extractor download one here: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html)

Step 5. Follow the instructions in README.txt of the folder Fate Stay Night Realta Nua English

Step 6. Go back to the folder with all the .rar files and create a new folder called Fate

Step 7. Extract Fate.rar and Fate Crack.rar into the Fate folder

Step 8. Remove every “/“ and “[ ]” from the folder name

Step 9. Name the crack file name to FateSaber.exe and move it into the folder (Click replace if windows asks you)

Step 10. There should also be a file named data.xp3 , move it into the folder.

Step 11. Repeat steps 6-10 for Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel but name the folders corresponding to the route and name the UBW crack file to FateUBW.exe and the Heaven’s Feel crack file to FateHF.exe

Step 12. Download: http://www.cccp-project.net and https://github.com/Nevcairiel/LAVFilters/releases/download/0.62/LAVFilters-0.62-Installer.exe

Step 13. That should be it, no need to change the Applocale, if you still have problems check out http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/4745-Fate-Stay-Night-Realta-Nua-PC-version-Mirror-Moon-TL-insertion-project or https://www.reddit.com/r/anime/wiki/seriesfaq-fate
102 5/11/2015, 3:56:00 PM UTC+0 Xynie
Great step-by-step guide, dodo20001219. Thanks!
103 6/5/2015, 9:47:00 PM UTC+0 dodo20001219
I summed up what I got from the comments above and other websites
104 6/9/2015, 9:35:00 AM UTC+0 zanzounomadoushi
The game freezes after the prologue before the opening...HELP Pls
105 7/25/2015, 2:22:00 PM UTC+0 izuna
Thank you very much!! works 100%
106 8/8/2015, 2:27:00 PM UTC+0 Ransed Jakku
Visual Novels aren't video games.
107 10/7/2015, 2:00:00 AM UTC+0 Your Local Weeb
to all who cant play the openings, stop using vlc for christ's sake. that shit of an inferior media bloatware is not recommended here at nyaa, or anywhere else actually.
108 12/3/2015, 0:43:00 AM UTC+0 geostigmaZack
I was trying to download using Zbigz (i have a premium account) but it seems the Fate and Heave's Feel file is like corrupted. The UBW can be downloaded fine and also the cracks. any way to get around this issue? do we have separate files for the Fate and HF file? TIA
109 2/2/2016, 5:54:00 AM UTC+0 sephirotic
Nice, englsh patch link's broken.
110 5/22/2016, 8:12:00 AM UTC+0 Norrc
Anyone knows where can I find Japanese version with ero and full voice?
111 7/26/2016, 8:42:00 PM UTC+0 ReturnsByDeath
pure vanilla translation patch: http://realtapatch.tumblr.com/faq
112 5/17/2017, 11:02:11 AM UTC+0 butterflyMember

===== Instructions =====

  1. Install the latest LAV filters: http://github.com/Nevcairiel/LAVFilters/releases
  2. Download and extract the game: https://web.archive.org/web/20160512034044/nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=427133
  3. Extract the cracks and rename the crack exes to FateSaber.exe, FateUBW.exe, and FateHF.exe
  4. Move each crack's contents (including data.xp3) into the corresponding game folder, overwriting as needed.
  5. Get rid of all the special characters in the pathname (including both filename and foldername) of the exe.
  6. Download and extract the patches: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0BwBwxIaW_6FJZzlWRHVxVmRvU2c
  7. Put all desired patches into the folder "faterealtanua_savedata" and move that folder to My Documents.
  8. Play using the cracked exes in the order Fate -> Unlimited Blade Works -> Heaven's Feel

===== FAQ & Troubleshooting =====

Q: Will the patches work on the old version of F/SN?
A: No. You should be using the version where each route has a separate executable.

Q: I get an error when I try to start the game. What do I do?
A: Make sure you're clicking on the crack exe and not the original exe. Make sure there are no special characters in the pathname (not just the filename, but the entire path, including all folders)

of the exe. If it still doesn't work, consult the extended troubleshooting guide: http://reddit.com/2r1qvl

Q: My game is crashing after the prologue with error message "EAccessViolation", what do I do?
A: Install the latest LAV filters: http://github.com/Nevcairiel/LAVFilters/releases

Q: My game is still crashing and I'm running Windows 10.
A: Windows 10 sometimes has issues with the OPs and the Vita OST. Try removing some or all of the following patches: allpatch_op.xp3, patch_op.xp3, rinpatch_op.xp3, sakpatch_op.xp3 and possibly

allpatch_vita_ost. (Remember to keep backup copies!)

Q: How do I unlock the OPs?
A: Complete the prologue in all three routes to unlock the PS2 OPs, and Day 3 in all three routes to unlock the Vita OPs. Prologue is available from the Extra menu, and also plays automatically

when you first start a route; you can use CTRL to skip through the text on your second and third times.

Q: How do I toggle the H Scenes or the music?
A: Select the Config menu at the title screen. The music submenu is accessed by the oval "BGM" button in the upper right of the Config menu. Disabling H Scenes will replace them with alternate

all-ages scenes, but doing so will also disable some of the more violent/explicit plot content that was taken out of the all-ages version of the game. If you want to experience 100% of the game's

content, play with the H Scenes on, and after playing through an H Scene, go back to the previous scene, toggle H Scenes off, play through the all ages replacement scene, and then toggle H Scenes

back on again before continuing.

===== Links =====

https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/178710 (old F/SN)
https://nyaa.pantsu.cat/view/427133 (new F/SN)
https://pastebin.com/STsBKwWE (walkthrough)
https://pastebin.com/KrbmZTnQ (this guide)


NyaaTorrents died, so the Nyaa links died. Try these archives:

New F/SN (the one you want)

Old F/SN (NOT the one you want):