Bleach 001-366 Movies 1-4 All Specials & OVAs

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Lunar: 1-70
DB: 71-274
HorribleSubs (720p): 275-366

DB: Movies 1-3
Hatsuyuki-Tsuki: Movie 4

DB: DVD Specials 1-3
Lunar: Jump Festa 2004-2005

If you really want the SGKK releases through 361, go on and /msg Arutha|Bleach xdcc batch 281-367

SGKK hadn't released anything after 362 at the time I made this, so I couldn't have made a truly COMPLETE collection without those 4 episodes.


1 4/8/2012, 8:39:00 AM UTC+0 Monkey D. Garp
If u put SGKK releases instead Horriblesubs.It would be awesome torrent.
2 4/8/2012, 8:57:00 AM UTC+0 Ichigo0Soul
If you really want the SGKK releases, go on and /msg Arutha|Bleach xdcc batch 281-367

SGKK hasn't released anything after 362 yet though, so I couldn't have made a truly COMPLETE collection without those 4 episodes.
3 4/8/2012, 10:01:00 AM UTC+0 ThaSaint
Too bad there are no downloading with almost nothing....40kb/s?
4 4/8/2012, 4:04:00 PM UTC+0 deivistik
I will put a similar batch when SGKK releases last 4 episodes.
5 4/8/2012, 4:07:00 PM UTC+0 Ichigo0Soul
I apologize for there not being any seeds. My computer restarted on me while I was sleeping.
6 4/18/2012, 4:19:00 PM UTC+0 natsuIgneel
Downloading with 2-3kb/s for almost a week now.seed please its been a month since i started downloading the torrent.its really pathetic waiting for so long for a torrent
7 4/20/2012, 4:04:00 AM UTC+0 night2dark2
Will seed indefinately once torrent completes!
8 4/20/2012, 6:04:00 PM UTC+0 fbifido
please seed
9 4/20/2012, 9:59:00 PM UTC+0 Ichigo0Soul
I apologize, my cable company canceled my shit, so I had to switch to a different one.
10 5/3/2012, 3:24:00 AM UTC+0 hobbes
please seed
11 6/8/2012, 6:14:00 PM UTC+0 tyciol
Why did they cancel? Detect the uploading?
12 12/11/2012, 8:26:00 AM UTC+0 fralerio7
please seed up, i was searching for this anime from one year...please
13 12/24/2012, 0:10:00 PM UTC+0 Ichigo0Soul
I can't seed until late next year. I'm deployed and the internet is shit.
14 1/29/2013, 8:48:00 PM UTC+0 chocofudgebox
please seed. :) thanks.
15 11/14/2013, 11:34:00 AM UTC+0 hobbes
need seeders
16 11/11/2014, 5:23:00 PM UTC+0 billa_n
please seed...desperate with 40kb download speed