Category: Anime - Raw
Uploaded by: れんちょん
Website Link: N/A
Hash: 412F14B40C94B1AFA3C43955C14AC8AD244064C4
Size: 34.5 GiB
Date: 1/10/2012, 8:37:00 PM UTC+0
Seeders: 0
Leechers: 1
Completed: 0
Last scraped: 4/26/2021, 3:37:40 PM UTC+0




1 1/10/2012, 9:47:00 PM UTC+0 doremi
No fucking seeds lol.
2 1/10/2012, 10:05:00 PM UTC+0 PeaceYo
his client must be checking the hash.. just wait for 15 to 20 min.. hope the seed shows up..
3 1/10/2012, 11:53:00 PM UTC+0 creoshin
4 1/10/2012, 11:55:00 PM UTC+0 creoshin
I really waited this!! Thank you. But no seeds. :-(

5 1/11/2012, 0:51:00 AM UTC+0 doremi
Oh there's a seed now.
6 1/11/2012, 2:51:00 PM UTC+0 lgos
Can someone please rip this and post a .MKV with around 7 or 8 gb? 34gb is way too big.
7 1/12/2012, 1:16:00 AM UTC+0 Pippu
The NND live casts audio had excellent dynamic range. I assume the blu-ray's audio is brickwalled like everything else these days.
8 1/12/2012, 2:53:00 AM UTC+0 maxgtmaster
Why 32GB???? if the other concerts weigh 22GB
9 1/12/2012, 5:00:00 AM UTC+0 zeopower6
This is incredibly large because it is the raw ISO of the Blu-ray disc. To compare, the straight Blu-ray "rip" from MikuPa was 50GB. #261986
10 1/12/2012, 5:50:00 AM UTC+0 doremi
I don't think this is a complete ISO rip. Nothing I do can open the m2ts files in this ISO. Everything crashes.
11 1/12/2012, 7:31:00 AM UTC+0 Tsumo
Another fake, maybe?
Anyone else tried it?
12 1/12/2012, 9:24:00 AM UTC+0 doremi
Oh nvm, figured it out. Tricky AACS ver 24 HDCP protection. Now time to see how to encode this 20GB MKV file into a more manageable file size...
13 1/12/2012, 11:52:00 PM UTC+0 mrb0y
*doremi* I'm having the same problem how do I view this? Such a large download I hate to not watch it! :|
14 1/13/2012, 1:07:00 AM UTC+0 mrb0y
Ok I installed the sly virtual DVD iso software and mounted and it played. I Also have their HD DVD software trial installed so I don't know what did it? I tried with magic disc / iso and it would not work.
15 1/13/2012, 11:54:00 PM UTC+0 Pippu
Hmm... Sounds like they sample replaced the drums, most particularly the snare.
16 1/19/2012, 0:36:00 AM UTC+0 Sakvril
Not Works the ISO.
Has anyone been able to play the ISOs???
17 1/26/2012, 2:57:00 PM UTC+0 hexus
Use AnyDVD HD for removal protection
18 5/15/2012, 5:34:00 AM UTC+0 sanitysama
can this be compressed to fit onto a single layer blu-ray?
19 7/21/2014, 7:07:00 AM UTC+0 furuboku
please seeds!!!