[PSP] Final Fantasy IX [US] PSN

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Uploaded by: DarkChaplain
Website Link: http://darkchaplain-anotherstory.blogspot.com/2011/03/final-fantasy-ix-us-psn-version.html
Hash: 1F3E9DDC63AEA3E7055B9675B47310DF31D40489
Size: 1.5 GiB
Date: 3/28/2011, 3:27:00 PM UTC+0
Seeders: 3
Leechers: 1
Completed: 25136
Last scraped: 3/29/2021, 8:40:06 PM UTC+0



Official PSN 'PSOne Classic' version, no Popsloader or anything needed.
Not customized; file too big.

Game ID: SLUS-01251

Works on 6.35 PRO-B3 without further modifications

Info, direct links etc to be found on
Another Story

I'd also appreciate if you'd help test my customized PSX2PSP-version of FFIX.
It works already and is save-wise compatible with the US PSN version.
Details found over here.


1 3/28/2011, 5:58:00 PM UTC+0 RyanSaotome
2 3/28/2011, 6:02:00 PM UTC+0 DarkChaplain
You're welcome!
One after another more seeds should get available, so I'm glad.
That means I might be able to put up my customized single-disc eboots in a couple of hours.
Sneek peak found @ info link :3
3 3/28/2011, 10:01:00 PM UTC+0 xarantrim
plaese tell beacause im confused if i download this i can play it in my psp without have hacked it just put this in memory stick and i can play?
4 3/28/2011, 10:06:00 PM UTC+0 DarkChaplain
You need to have a hack.
If you're below or at 6.35 official firmware, I'd recommend installing 6.35 Pro-B3 (google it).
No risks of breaking your PSP and you can use most plugins, play PSX games and won't need to worry about ISO loaders and such.
5 3/28/2011, 10:14:00 PM UTC+0 xarantrim
fuck just a few hours ago i did the last update before saw this torrent .can i go to 6.35 version or i can play it in 6.37 version?
6 3/28/2011, 10:30:00 PM UTC+0 DarkChaplain
depends on which PSP type you own.
If you own an old PSP 1000 (fat) or one of the early 2000 models, you can use a pandora-battery to downgrade your psp or get an experimental 6.37 Custom Firmware.
That won't be possible on newer models (last 2000-line, 3000 and Go), though. These exploits were fixed and you'd kill off your PSP.

However, I'd suggest to not upgrade your PSP in any case.
The PSP's mastercode was found and we can now sign most games (and homebrews) for official firmwares (post-6.xx). That means, once someone finds another exploit (and they are on it), you might get another chance.

For now, to not ruin your day completely, you might want to pick up Final Fantasy IV Complete, which just got released in Japan and includes english text.
That one is signed and should run on your current firmware.
7 3/28/2011, 10:42:00 PM UTC+0 xarantrim
(i have psp 2004)then i will wait a little longer and for now i will download Final Fantasy IV Complete.Thanks for your advise