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"Eureka Seven - Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers [Dual Audio][720p][3662E514]"

Category: Anime - English-translated
Uploaded by: shunjou
Website Link: N/A
Hash: 01233D3E88069226485B8086B8BB87804364D3F1
Size: 1.9 GiB
Date: 5/23/2010, 3:17:00 AM UTC+0
Seeders: 0
Leechers: 1
Completed: 0
Last scraped: 5/1/2019, 7:07:51 AM UTC+0
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Eureka Seven - Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers [Dual Audio][720p][3662E514]


Video Source: R2 BD raw
Audio Source: R2 BD / R1 DVD
Video Format: H264
Audio Format: 5.1ch AAC
Resolution: 1280x720
Language: English, Japanese
Subtitle Language: English



1 6/15/2012, 5:21:00 AM UTC+0 cenatu
i shall download and seed.
2 8/2/2012, 5:26:00 PM UTC+0 Shinmaru
for anyone, downloading this torrent, I will be seeding for a whole month, my Upload is only 512KB/s, so please bear with me, we can help this torrent comeback alive, it was really hard for me to download, since barely anyone connects to seed.

Also once you are done, please seed along side me, remember, "Puff puff pass".
3 8/3/2012, 3:58:00 AM UTC+0 curser656
Downloading this torrent to our server, will seed for as long as we own said server.
4 8/3/2012, 4:00:00 AM UTC+0 curser656
That's 100mb/s upload.
5 8/3/2012, 6:06:00 AM UTC+0 Shinmaru
Thanks for the support, I downloaded the anime, loved how they did it so I decided, to bring it back alive.
6 8/3/2012, 7:11:00 AM UTC+0 curser656
Np, this episode makes me cry every time so, I can't deny people good anime.
7 8/3/2012, 7:30:00 AM UTC+0 curser656
8 8/3/2012, 7:40:00 AM UTC+0 Shinmaru
Yea, Eureka Seven's pure love stories are always very touching.

LOL Same difference! :P

I'm currently downloading Eureka Seven: AO translated by "gg", it really has me on the edge of my seat, since the story is unpredictable!
9 8/3/2012, 7:43:00 AM UTC+0 curser656
Honestly I'm not that big a fan of ao, I got up to episode like, 7 or so and stopped. But my friend is telling me right now to watch it and sit through it because it gets better.
10 8/3/2012, 8:07:00 AM UTC+0 Shinmaru
yes, at the beginning is a bit unbearable, but it gets better as the story unfolds, things is, every episode will have you going, "WTF", it really is hard to understand at first.
11 8/3/2012, 8:13:00 AM UTC+0 curser656
I honestly got frustrated with it lol, so idk, i'll probably pick it up again next week.
12 6/28/2013, 11:46:00 AM UTC+0 hobbes
please seed
13 3/31/2014, 7:58:00 PM UTC+0 Sir Fluffykins
Anyone seeding?
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