[D4C] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) - Season 01 [Blu-ray A1 Japan] [Remux] [Dual-Audio]

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  • Region A/1 Japanese Blu-rays (Uncensored)


  • Japanese (JP Blu-Ray) [PCM]
  • English (US Blu-Ray) [DTS-HD]


  • English (inid4c + SFX) [ASS]
  • English (Some-Stuffs + SFX) [ASS]
  • English (inid4c) [ASS]
  • English (JP Blu-Ray) [PGS]
  • English (US Blu-Ray) [PGS]
  • English (US Blu-Ray) (Sings & Songs) [PGS]

    All subtitles are for 𝐉𝐚𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐞 𝐚𝐮𝐝𝐢𝐨!


  • Named, used the chapters provided with inid4c's subtitles which appear to be (or follow) the same naming scheme Some-Stuffs has on their release.



  • Season 02 (Part 3), Season 03 (Part 4), and Season 04 (Part 5) are being made.
  • US Blu-Ray has been synced by me.
  • Subtitles provided by inid4c are not the same as the ones in his uploads, they are a updated version provided by inid4c (calling it V3 for simplicity sake). Here is the info they had.
  • I won't be doing Season 05 (Part 6) until after the Japanese BD is released.

Credits to:

  • Some-Stuffs (Awesome subtitle group)
  • inid4c (Editing subtitles + adding amazing SFX)

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[NCED1] Roundabout.mkv 392.2 MiB
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[NCOP1] JoJo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~.mkv 398.6 MiB
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Episode 001.mkv 6.3 GiB
Episode 002.mkv 6.5 GiB
Episode 003.mkv 7.0 GiB
Episode 004.mkv 6.5 GiB
Episode 005.mkv 6.6 GiB
Episode 006.mkv 6.5 GiB
Episode 007.mkv 6.6 GiB
Episode 008.mkv 6.6 GiB
Episode 009.mkv 6.6 GiB
114.1 GiB
Episode 010.mkv 6.6 GiB
Episode 011.mkv 6.6 GiB
Episode 012.mkv 6.6 GiB
Episode 013.mkv 6.6 GiB
Episode 014.mkv 6.6 GiB
Episode 015.mkv 6.5 GiB
Episode 016.mkv 6.9 GiB
Episode 017.mkv 6.9 GiB
Episode 018.mkv 6.9 GiB
Episode 019.mkv 6.6 GiB
Episode 020.mkv 7.0 GiB
Episode 021.mkv 7.1 GiB
Episode 022.mkv 7.1 GiB
Episode 023.mkv 6.6 GiB
Episode 024.mkv 6.6 GiB
Episode 025.mkv 6.6 GiB
Episode 026.mkv 6.4 GiB


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