[Gust] Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy Ver 1.03 (PC / Steam) ライザのアトリエ2 ~失われた伝承と秘密の妖精~

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Website Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1257290/Atelier_Ryza_2_Lost_Legends__the_Secret_Fairy/
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Date: 3/19/2021, 7:42:03 PM UTC+0
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This story takes place three years after the events of the previous game Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout, and depicts the reunion of Ryza and her friends, who go through new encounters and goodbyes to discover a true priceless treasure.

The Story
Three years have passed since Ryza’s secret grand adventure on Kurken Island. Ryza, the only member of her group to remain on the island, receives a letter from her friend telling her about ruins that may be related to alchemy, along with a mysterious request involving a glowing stone. This inspires her to leave the island and venture out to the royal capital, Ashra-am Baird. However, Ryza is unaware that this will lead to the beginning of an imaginative new adventure involving a pursuit of the mysteries of the ruins surrounding the royal capital and a meeting with a strange creature that will change her life.

Main Features
■ Exploring with new field actions!
Ryza can now perform many new actions in the field, including diving underwater, using plants to climb walls, moving through narrow gaps, and using magic ropes to travel between separated areas. These and other abilities allow Ryza to explore various areas and ruins more fully and actively.

■ More action-filled real-time battles!
Take on your enemies using an improved “real-time tactics” battle system, which is now faster and more thrilling than ever. Speedily switch between characters, choose varied skills, and utilize items in just the right moments for best results.

■ Straightforward and easy-to-use synthesis!
Utilize several new synthesis systems, including the new intuitive “Linkage Synthesis” system where items are placed in cells called “Material Loops”, that are designed to allow both new players to easily learn synthesis, and experienced players to create unique customized items. Created items can also be mixed and matched with “Evolution Link” to create entirely new items.

Developer: Gust
Audio: Japanese
Subtitles: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French
Romaji: Ryza no Atelier 2 ~Ushinawareta Denshou to Himitsu no Yousei~

share made possible thanks to mr shigureasa and CHRONOS (build 6318155).

If you missed out here's the Prequel! https://nyaa.net/search?c=1_2&q=Atelier+Ryza+Ever+Darkness . It is recommend to start with the first game if you haven't already. You don't have to but you'll lose the experience of both games.

This is a standalone release of Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy Ultimate Edition version 1.03. It includes all updates and DLC's that has been released thus far as of March 16, 2021.
To view change log visit here

Another absurd update (18 GB) by the good people at KoeiTecmo and Gust! No installer nor an update patch available. If you have version 1.00 or version 1.02 you may consider updating to this.

Feel free to distribute this torrent elsewhere.


  • No installer is available this time.
  • If updating from version 1.02 torrent, so long as the layout of the files are the same it's possible to overwrite that torrent with this one. Note the game folder must be in ASCII characters to work properly.
  • Upon completion place the contents within the "Crack" folder to the "Atelier Ryza 2 Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy" game folder.
  • And open "Atelier_Ryza_2.exe" to play.
  • Enjoy especially if this is your first time playing an Atelier RPG game.

Atelier Ryza 1 Official Visual Collection Book: https://nyaa.si/view/1248282

If you want a different language instead of English, change “Language=english” to “Language=japanese” in "steam_emu.ini" for example.


  • Resolution issue has been fixed. However, for widescreen users you may have to still modify the "Settings.ini" via "Documents\KoeiTecmo\Atelier Ryza 2" folder.
  • Auto-Save bug crash has been fixed.
  • A signal will be heard of all the DLC bonuses you've received once you get a room at the academy (approx. 8-9 min speed run).
  • To change outfits, much like Ryza 1, check the diary though it's by the cauldron.
  • The Atelier Ryza 1 save data bonus item ""Nostalgic Straw Hat" Accessory for Ryza" has been implemented into the "steam_emu.ini" file once the above requirement has been met. However, the file itself has been included for those that want it in this torrent.
  • A completed save game is also included in this torrent for those wanting to start on a more difficult setting without having to beat the game just to obtain that option. You take responsibility for any spoilers you witness.
  • Blurry background? Turn off "Depth of Field (DoF)" under "Graphic Settings" in game.
  • Too much glowing light effects? Turn off "Bloom" under "Graphic Settings" in game.

If for some reason you require the "steam_emu.ini" details, https://pastebin.com/TbVe45Pv

These are the files that have been updated. 8 in total (18.0 GB). https://steamdb.info/patchnotes/6318155/

Atelier Ryza 2 Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy\Data

Added files:
Atelier Ryza 2 Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy\Data\x64\Sound

Atelier Ryza 2 Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy\DLC\bgm

For visual aid of the 乇乂丅尺卂 丅卄工匚匚 DLC (Japan site since they actually care about their fans): https://www.gamecity.ne.jp/atelier/ryza2/dlc.html
Contents of different editions available: https://www.koeitecmoamerica.com/ryza2/?to=products_section

Atelier Ryza 2 Modding.
PCgaming Wiki.

character mod, etc: example: https://i.ibb.co/6yKn7Xw/Gyaru-Ryza2.jpg
ero character MOD (including the Atelier Sophie DLC de-censor MOD) [Sankaku Article]nsfw

Unfortunately for PC users (unless modded) this outfit is only available to lowly console owners (Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 & 5).
Screwed not once but twice on the T-shirt outfit since Ryza 1 also had them but was Japan exclusive.
Dawn Sonnet outfit (right image) is also console exclusive...

File Name Size
25.4 GiB
25.4 GiB
6.7 GiB
341.2 MiB
341.2 MiB
ending.wmv 341.2 MiB
188.6 MiB
188.6 MiB
opening.wmv 188.6 MiB
188.7 MiB
188.7 MiB
opening.wmv 188.7 MiB
188.7 MiB
188.7 MiB
opening.wmv 188.7 MiB
188.7 MiB
188.7 MiB
opening.wmv 188.7 MiB
188.7 MiB
188.7 MiB
opening.wmv 188.7 MiB
188.6 MiB
188.6 MiB
opening.wmv 188.6 MiB
5.2 GiB
188.0 KiB
BETA_CITADEL_01.sebin 2.9 KiB
BETA_CITADEL_02.sebin 3.6 KiB
BETA_CITADEL_03.sebin 4.1 KiB
D00_OBJDELIV_GIMMICK.sebin 260.0 B
D01_OBJDELIV_HIDEOUT.sebin 260.0 B
EVENT_C05.sebin 276.0 B
EVENT_C06.sebin 260.0 B
EVENT_C08.sebin 276.0 B
EVENT_C09+C26.sebin 276.0 B
EVENT_C12.sebin 276.0 B
EVENT_C15.sebin 276.0 B
EVENT_C18.sebin 276.0 B
EVENT_C19.sebin 276.0 B
EVENT_C21.sebin 276.0 B
EVENT_C23.sebin 276.0 B
EVENT_C27.sebin 260.0 B
EVENT_C28.sebin 276.0 B
EVENT_C28_CITADEL.sebin 1.6 KiB
EVENT_C29.sebin 260.0 B
S00_COMMON_MODEL.sebin 276.0 B
S00_COMMON_TERRAIN.sebin 260.0 B
S00_DIVERSION_PLANT.sebin 260.0 B
S00_SAMPLE_CAVE.sebin 1.2 KiB
S00_SAMPLE_FOREST.sebin 2.7 KiB
S00_SAMPLE_ROAD.sebin 276.0 B
S00_SAMPLE_ROOM_01.sebin 276.0 B
S00_SAMPLE_ROOM_02.sebin 260.0 B
S00_SAMPLE_RUIN.sebin 260.0 B
S00_SAMPLE_VALLEY.sebin 260.0 B
S00_SAMPLE_VOLCANO.sebin 3.1 KiB
S00_TEST_BODEN.sebin 276.0 B
S00_TEST_CITADEL.sebin 260.0 B
S00_TEST_FARMLAND.sebin 276.0 B
S00_TEST_FOREST.sebin 276.0 B
S00_TEST_HALT.sebin 2.7 KiB
S00_TEST_HIGHGROUND.sebin 276.0 B
S00_TEST_KTGLGRASS.sebin 260.0 B
S00_TEST_RASEN.sebin 276.0 B
S00_TEST_VIETNAM.sebin 260.0 B
S01_I_ATELIER.sebin 276.0 B
S01_I_ATTIC.sebin 276.0 B
S02_I_HOUSE_ABELHEIM.sebin 276.0 B
S02_I_LIVINGROOM.sebin 276.0 B
S03_I_HOUSE_KLAUDIA_01.sebin 276.0 B
S03_I_WORKSHOP.sebin 436.0 B
S04_I_HOUSE_KLAUDIA_02.sebin 276.0 B
S04_T_CENTRAL.sebin 1.6 KiB
S05_I_SCHOOL.sebin 276.0 B
S05_T_ACADEMY.sebin 1.6 KiB
S06_T_INDUSTRY.sebin 1.4 KiB
S06_T_RASEN.sebin 2.8 KiB
S07_T_FARMING.sebin 3.4 KiB
S07_T_PASTURE.sebin 1.8 KiB
S08_I_HOUSE_NPC_01.sebin 276.0 B
S08_T_BODEN.sebin 1.2 KiB
S09_I_HOUSE_NPC_02.sebin 276.0 B
S09_T_OLDTOWN.sebin 1.6 KiB
S100_A21_M_VOLCANO_03.sebin 436.0 B
S101_A21_M_CITADEL_01.sebin 1.4 KiB
S102_A21_M_CITADEL_02.sebin 1.1 KiB
S103_A21_M_CITADEL_03.sebin 820.0 B
S104_A21_M_CITADEL_04.sebin 276.0 B
S10_I_HOUSE_NPC_03.sebin 276.0 B
S10_T_HIGHGROUND.sebin 1.2 KiB
S110_M_DLC01_CASTLE_01.sebin 276.0 B
S111_M_DLC01_CASTLE_02.sebin 276.0 B
S112_M_DLC01_CASTLE_03.sebin 436.0 B
S11_I_HOUSE_NPC_04.sebin 276.0 B
S11_T_PORT.sebin 2.1 KiB
S12_I_SECRETBASE_01.sebin 276.0 B
S12_M_FOREST_01.sebin 1.1 KiB
S13_M_FOREST_02.sebin 1.9 KiB
S13_T_SECRETBASE_02.sebin 1.5 KiB
S14_M_FAIRYFOREST_01.sebin 2.2 KiB
S14_M_FOREST_03.sebin 1.7 KiB
S156_LILA_OTHERWORLD_04.sebin 820.0 B
S15_L_FAIRYFOREST_02.sebin 2.3 KiB
S15_L_HIGHWAY_01.sebin 2.7 KiB
S16_L_FAIRYFOREST_03.sebin 2.4 KiB
S16_M_HIGHWAY_02.sebin 820.0 B
S17_L_HIGHWAY_01.sebin 2.8 KiB
S17_L_HIGHWAY_03.sebin 1.7 KiB
S18_L_HIGHWAY_02.sebin 2.8 KiB
S18_M_MINE_01.sebin 436.0 B
S19_L_HIGHWAY_03.sebin 2.7 KiB
S19_M_MINE_02.sebin 948.0 B
S20_M_HIGHWAY_04.sebin 3.0 KiB
S20_M_MINE_03.sebin 1.4 KiB
S21_L_VALLEY_01.sebin 3.3 KiB
S21_M_MAPLEFOREST_01.sebin 3.1 KiB
S22_L_MAPLEFOREST_02.sebin 2.7 KiB
S22_L_VALLEY_02.sebin 692.0 B
S23_L_VALLEY_03.sebin 2.0 KiB
S23_M_VOLCANO_01.sebin 1.6 KiB
S24_M_VOLCANO_02.sebin 2.1 KiB
S24_M_WASTELAND_01.sebin 436.0 B
S25_M_VOLCANO_03.sebin 1.6 KiB
S25_M_WASTELAND_02.sebin 436.0 B
S26_M_CITADEL_01.sebin 2.2 KiB
S26_M_WASTELAND_03.sebin 436.0 B
S27_M_CITADEL_02.sebin 1.9 KiB
S27_S_CORE_RUINS_01.sebin 948.0 B
S28_M_CITADEL_03.sebin 1.6 KiB
S28_S_CORE_RUINS_02.sebin 276.0 B
S29_M_CITADEL_04.sebin 1.6 KiB
S29_S_CORE_RUINS_03.sebin 436.0 B
S30_M_TUNNEL_01.sebin 2.5 KiB
S30_S_CORE_RUINS_04.sebin 276.0 B
S316_MIXFIELD_01.sebin 260.0 B
S31_M_TUNNEL_02.sebin 1.7 KiB
S31_S_CORE_RUINS_05.sebin 276.0 B
S32_M_MINE_RUINS_01.sebin 436.0 B
S32_M_TUNNEL_03.sebin 1.4 KiB
S33_M_COVE_01.sebin 1.8 KiB
S33_M_MINE_RUINS_02.sebin 436.0 B
S34_M_COVE_02.sebin 692.0 B
S34_M_MINE_RUINS_03.sebin 436.0 B
S35_M_UNDER_RUINS_01.sebin 564.0 B
S35_S_COVE_03.sebin 1.2 KiB
S36_M_UNDER_RUINS_02.sebin 564.0 B
S36_M_VALLEY_01.sebin 692.0 B
S37_M_UNDER_RUINS_03.sebin 1.2 KiB
S37_M_VALLEY_02.sebin 756.0 B
S38_L_WATER_RUINS_01.sebin 1.5 KiB
S38_M_VALLEY_03.sebin 1.2 KiB
S39_L_WATER_RUINS_02.sebin 436.0 B
S39_M_TOWER_01.sebin 276.0 B
S40_M_TOWER_02.sebin 276.0 B
S40_S_WATER_RUINS_03.sebin 260.0 B
S41_M_FOREST_RUINS_01.sebin 1.9 KiB
S41_M_TOWER_03.sebin 276.0 B
S42_L_FOREST_RUINS_02.sebin 1.2 KiB
S42_M_OTHERWORLD_01.sebin 564.0 B
S43_L_OTHERWORLD_02.sebin 436.0 B
S43_M_FOREST_RUINS_03.sebin 1.9 KiB
S44_L_OTHERWORLD_03.sebin 436.0 B
S44_M_BONE_RUINS_01.sebin 276.0 B
S45_M_BONE_RUINS_02.sebin 276.0 B
S45_M_UNDERGROUND_01.sebin 276.0 B
S46_M_BONE_RUINS_03.sebin 276.0 B
S46_S_UNDERGROUND_02.sebin 436.0 B
S47_I_CAFE.sebin 436.0 B
S47_M_FORESTBOTTLE_01.sebin 1.9 KiB
S48_A21_ATTIC.sebin 276.0 B
S48_M_FORESTBOTTLE_02.sebin 820.0 B
S49_A21_RASEN.sebin 2.3 KiB
S49_M_VOLCANOBOTTLE_01.sebin 692.0 B
S50_A21_HIGHGROUND.sebin 1.2 KiB
S50_M_VOLCANOBOTTLE_02.sebin 692.0 B
S51_M_SEABOTTLE_01.sebin 692.0 B
S52_M_SEABOTTLE_02.sebin 692.0 B
S52_S_WHITE_SPACE.sebin 260.0 B
S53_I_PBOX.sebin 276.0 B
S53_M_STARBOTTLE_01.sebin 276.0 B
S54_M_STARBOTTLE_02.sebin 276.0 B
S55_M_DARKBOTTLE_01.sebin 996.0 B
S56_M_DARKBOTTLE_02.sebin 436.0 B
S57_I_RENTALHOUSE.sebin 276.0 B
S67_BF_POINT_01.sebin 276.0 B
S68_BF_POINT_02.sebin 276.0 B
S69_BF_POINT_03.sebin 260.0 B
S70_BF_POINT_04.sebin 260.0 B
S71_BF_POINT_05.sebin 260.0 B
S72_BF_POINT_06.sebin 260.0 B
S73_BF_POINT_07.sebin 260.0 B
S74_BF_POINT_08.sebin 276.0 B
S75_BF_POINT_09.sebin 276.0 B
S76_BF_POINT_10.sebin 260.0 B
S77_BF_POINT_11.sebin 276.0 B
S78_BF_POINT_12.sebin 276.0 B
S79_BF_POINT_13.sebin 260.0 B
S80_BF_POINT_14.sebin 276.0 B
S81_BF_POINT_15.sebin 260.0 B
S82_BF_POINT_16.sebin 260.0 B
S83_BF_POINT_17.sebin 260.0 B
S84_BF_POINT_18.sebin 260.0 B
S86_DLC02_MORITZ.sebin 756.0 B
S88_DLC03_SECRET_01.sebin 2.1 KiB
S89_DLC03_SECRET_02.sebin 2.2 KiB
S90_A21_M_FAIRYFOREST_01.sebin 1.4 KiB
S90_DLC03_SECRET_03.sebin 1.5 KiB
S91_A21_L_FAIRYFOREST_02.sebin 1.4 KiB
S91_DLC03_SECRET_04.sebin 1.6 KiB
S92_A21_L_FAIRYFOREST_03.sebin 1.5 KiB
S93_A21_L_HIGHWAY_01.sebin 1.4 KiB
S94_A21_L_HIGHWAY_02.sebin 1.4 KiB
S95_A21_L_HIGHWAY_03.sebin 1.2 KiB
S96_A21_M_MAPLEFOREST_01.sebin 2.2 KiB
S97_A21_L_MAPLEFOREST_02.sebin 1.6 KiB
S98_A21_M_VOLCANO_01.sebin 436.0 B
S999_CHARA_LIGHT.sebin 260.0 B
S99_A21_M_VOLCANO_02.sebin 884.0 B
3.1 GiB
pack01.ktsl2asbin 311.6 KiB
pack01.ktsl2stbin 3.1 GiB
47.4 MiB
forest.ktsl2asbin 3.8 KiB
forest.ktsl2stbin 47.4 MiB
1.2 GiB
pack03.ktsl2asbin 123.5 KiB
pack03.ktsl2stbin 1.2 GiB
001_system.ktsl2asbin 2.9 MiB
002_mix.ktsl2asbin 5.3 MiB
003_event2D.ktsl2asbin 11.2 MiB
004_event3D.ktsl2asbin 299.8 KiB
005_etc.ktsl2asbin 4.0 MiB
006_environment.ktsl2asbin 2.7 MiB
007_object.ktsl2asbin 19.1 MiB
008_foot.ktsl2asbin 2.5 MiB
009_movement.ktsl2asbin 4.4 MiB
010_hit.ktsl2asbin 2.4 MiB
011_battle_system.ktsl2asbin 2.9 MiB
012_battle_ally.ktsl2asbin 9.1 MiB
013_battle_enemy.ktsl2asbin 3.2 MiB
014_battle_SP_character.ktsl2asbin 19.5 MiB
015_battle_character.ktsl2asbin 21.5 MiB
016_stage.ktsl2asbin 21.0 KiB
016_stage.ktsl2stbin 13.1 MiB
BGM.ktsl2asbin 32.9 KiB
BGM.ktsl2stbin 218.9 MiB
GlobalConfig.ktsl2gcbin 3.5 KiB
VOICE.ktsl2asbin 5.6 MiB
VOICE.ktsl2stbin 542.5 MiB
PACK00_01.PAK 707.9 MiB
PACK00_02.PAK 2.6 GiB
PACK00_03.PAK 13.8 GiB
PACK00_04_01.PAK 257.9 MiB
PACK00_04_02.PAK 241.3 MiB
PACK00_04_03.PAK 261.1 MiB
PACK00_04_04.PAK 242.3 MiB
PACK00_04_05.PAK 242.3 MiB
PACK00_04_06.PAK 346.5 MiB
PACK01.PAK 19.7 MiB
PACK02.PAK 64.7 MiB
267.1 KiB
267.1 KiB
pack01.xml 190.7 KiB
pack03.xml 76.5 KiB
20.1 KiB
Readme_EN.txt 4.1 KiB
Readme_JP.txt 4.2 KiB
Readme_KR.txt 4.3 KiB
Readme_SC.txt 3.7 KiB
Readme_TC.txt 3.7 KiB
icon.ico 315.7 KiB
51.8 MiB
Atelier_Ryza_2.cdx 24.7 MiB
Atelier_Ryza_2.exe 24.7 MiB
codex64.dll 130.3 KiB
gameoverlayrenderer64.dll 1.5 MiB
steam_api64.cdx 243.3 KiB
steam_api64.dll 243.3 KiB
steam_emu.ini 1.7 KiB
steamclient64.dll 305.3 KiB
887.7 KiB
295.5 KiB
288.4 KiB
dxwebsetup.exe 288.4 KiB
# About This.txt 6.7 KiB
Download .NET Framework - Microsoft.url 80.0 B
Download DirectX 11 Technology Update from Official Microsoft Download Center.url 88.0 B
Download K-Lite Codec Pack.url 64.0 B
Download The latest supported Visual C++ - Microsoft.url 144.0 B
4.7 KiB
3.2 KiB
3.2 KiB
2.7 KiB
data.dat 2.7 KiB
Setting.ini 527.0 B
# About This.txt 1.4 KiB
6.7 KiB
3.8 KiB
3.8 KiB
3.8 KiB
data.dat 3.8 KiB
# About This.txt 2.9 KiB
Folder Icon.zip 580.9 KiB
24.9 MiB
Atelier_Ryza_2.exe 24.7 MiB
steam_api64.dll 243.3 KiB
checksum_v103.md5 31.2 KiB
checksum_v103.sfv 24.8 KiB


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