[9volt] Hanebado! [1080p BD]

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The slow gang rises.
The Bakemono discord server has been deleted, and with it the login details for bakemono-subs... so here we are.
Rest in peace iORcHiD, last seen leaving the Harunatsu discord earlier this year after being missing since 2018. Politics do be like that sometimes.

1-4: Edited Bakemono
5-13: Bakemono

BD Encode: Raws-Maji

Encoder: Hiken
Timer: iORcHiD
Editor: 9volt
Typesetting: iORcHiD
Karaoke FX: KNoW
K-timing: 9volt
Song TL: XiaYixuan
Quality Checker: flameboi, Andy29485
Release: iORcHiD, 9volt

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[9volt] Hanebado! - 01 [AD5CEDA8].mkv 662.2 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - 02 [6C96B36F].mkv 731.5 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - 03 [D0B8F455].mkv 594.4 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - 04 [33C801ED].mkv 602.3 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - 05 [124D3F0C].mkv 754.2 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - 06 [6AE2C75A].mkv 670.1 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - 07 [400CF0D3].mkv 755.1 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - 08 [9EDA5958].mkv 611.2 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - 09 [33215C4A].mkv 649.5 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - 10 [A7DE4507].mkv 510.0 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - 11 [968B6835].mkv 629.0 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - 12 [08A85A88].mkv 855.7 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - 13 [ED5C4DB1].mkv 857.6 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - NCED01 [9BA0CC35].mkv 63.8 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - NCED02 [51B8C005].mkv 97.8 MiB
[9volt] Hanebado! - NCOP [E7FF75C5].mkv 80.8 MiB


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