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In a small town of Suiten, located in a remote mountain region on the island of Kyūshū, reality and the spirit realm collide. Ghosts and paranormal occurrences appear in the real world, spreading through the town. Three high school boys, Tarō, Makoto and Masayuki, who have all had traumatic experiences in their childhood, observe the strange occurrences happening at Suiten. Together, they investigate by entering the spirit realm, or the Unseen World, although no human is supposed to be able to do so. The three boys are granted entrance, only to realize the key to their childhood traumas lies within this Unseen World. The local Shinto priest and his daughter, Miyako, also become involved in the occurrences.

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[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 01 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [316ED6DA].mkv 524.8 MiB
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[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 03 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [0D9CC360].mkv 573.8 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 04 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [70DC13BA].mkv 569.9 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 05 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [B612FC7D].mkv 580.3 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 06 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [C2FE6F3A].mkv 578.0 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 07 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [D5245ADF].mkv 574.5 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 08 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [243532A7].mkv 578.7 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 09 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [B0AD2A59].mkv 535.9 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 10 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [F46BADBC].mkv 509.6 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 11 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [1C13D4EF].mkv 514.7 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 12 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [2D18516D].mkv 509.1 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 13 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [1289AADE].mkv 546.8 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 14 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [3E8AA39B].mkv 505.2 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 15 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [2933F828].mkv 491.2 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 16 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [02F55B8C].mkv 496.3 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 17 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [FF823FD7].mkv 491.1 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 18 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [EB9CFBEC].mkv 475.2 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 19 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [CEB577C7].mkv 542.3 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 20 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [743ECE7D].mkv 540.2 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 21 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [E2C107D5].mkv 490.0 MiB
[AnimeRG] Ghost Hound - 22 (10-bit x264 720p AAC) [Dual-Audio] [88799B27].mkv 583.8 MiB
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