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Dorohedoro v01-23 [digital]

Category: Literature - English-translated
Uploaded by: れんちょん
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Hash: 23bd7bf12db76b10ddf29719a85dbc3b93e1e280
Size: 2.4 GiB
Torrent language: English English
Date: 10/17/2019, 4:40:09 PM UTC+0
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Last scraped: 2/20/2020, 3:14:43 PM UTC+0
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All scans x1600, grayscale png for b&w pages, jpg for color. Black is black, white is white.

After 3rd volume some pages that were color in original were made into two color tones or b&w by US publisher for whatever reason, and with a few exceptions, I've made them all grayscale and tried to make them look better as b&w. Same with pages that were b&w in original, but were in RGB and looked like in blue colors in digital.

Also, some volumes, for whatever reason, appeared to have black been painted with marker or something and slovenly overlapping visible screentones. While it could be some artistic intention, Japanese originals didn't appear to have them, so I've tried to make them as lass noticeable as possible without darkening scans too much while at the same time somewhat keeping those things for aesthetics. For example https://imgur.com/a/QlTj5R5

File Name Size
v01.zip 79.8 MiB
v02.zip 88.4 MiB
v03.zip 93.2 MiB
v04.zip 95.1 MiB
v05.zip 100.4 MiB
v06.zip 92.9 MiB
v07.zip 107.1 MiB
v08.zip 95.4 MiB
v09.zip 93.8 MiB
v10.zip 90.8 MiB
v11.zip 91.2 MiB
v12.zip 94.2 MiB
v13.zip 95.2 MiB
v14.zip 85.7 MiB
v15.zip 123.5 MiB
v16.zip 105.0 MiB
v17.zip 105.7 MiB
v18.zip 102.6 MiB
v19.zip 120.6 MiB
v20.zip 127.0 MiB
v21.zip 145.8 MiB
v22.zip 140.7 MiB
v23.zip 178.0 MiB


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