[Arch] Lucky Lotus Festival 8 (Audio and Visual raws)

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This is Arch's crappy raws of the Lucky Lotus Festival 8. It contains the captures of the music stream and Twitch stream from two machines, "Copy-A" and "Copy-B." There are gaps in the recordings due to connection loss, computer malfucntuons, and other annoying reasons, which is why I included the recordings from both machines. The audio only streams are labeled "dayx-y.flac" with 'x' being the day and 'y' being the iteration. "Copy-B" files are labeled "dayx-by", but are simlilar to the former. For the visual streams, they are simply timestamped by VLC (although they are timestamped in Alaskan standard time).

The "Lucky Lotus 8 Timetable.html" file contains the timetables that was ripped from Google Sheets (wasn't able to figure out how to nicely save the document). The "Timetable-alt.txt" contains the timetables that was ripped from the Discord announcments.

Feel free to use, modify, or redistribute the raws as you see fit. Just don't take credit for the captures, for the festival, nor the sets in the captures. Not for resell either. All credit goes to their respective creators or owners.

File Name Size
118.6 GiB
afterparty-1.flac 7.3 GiB
day1-1.flac 4.1 GiB
day1-2.flac 3.1 GiB
day2-1.flac 871.6 MiB
day2-2.flac 18.3 MiB
day2-3.flac 4.6 GiB
day2-4.flac 1.9 GiB
day3-1.flac 943.9 MiB
day3-2.flac 180.6 MiB
day3-3.flac 7.0 GiB
day4-1.flac 4.5 GiB
day4-2.flac 2.9 GiB
day5-1.flac 8.1 GiB
playlist (1).m3u 44.0 B
vlc-record-2019-06-21-00h42m42s-fd___0-.ts 4.8 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-21-04h23m12s-fd___0-.ts 11.6 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-21-14h21m56s-fd___0-.ts 15.2 MiB
vlc-record-2019-06-21-14h23m57s-fd___0-.ts 219.2 MiB
vlc-record-2019-06-21-14h33m18s-fd___0-.ts 357.3 MiB
vlc-record-2019-06-21-14h51m56s-fd___0-.ts 6.9 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-22-00h53m23s-fd___0-.ts 2.9 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-22-03h09m59s-fd___0-.ts 33.5 MiB
vlc-record-2019-06-22-03h17m27s-fd___0-.ts 504.3 MiB
vlc-record-2019-06-22-03h41m54s-fd___0-.ts 4.6 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-22-13h17m27s-fd___0-.ts 15.3 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-23-01h51m16s-fd___0-.ts 2.3 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-23-13h34m51s-fd___0-.ts 2.8 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-23-19h17m25s-fd___0-.ts 1.2 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-24-01h46m59s-fd___0-.ts 18.0 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-24-21h56m22s-fd___0-.ts 1.7 GiB
104.1 GiB
day2-b1.flac 2.1 GiB
day3-b1.flac 249.8 MiB
day3-b2.flac 2.1 GiB
day3-b3.flac 588.5 MiB
day4-b1.flac 8.0 GiB
day5-b1.flac 5.8 GiB
playlist.m3u 44.0 B
vlc-record-2019-06-21-14h49m01s-fd___0-.ts 13.2 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-22-00h35m59s-fd___0-.ts 24.2 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-22-18h17m38s-fd___0-.ts 8.4 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-23-01h53m05s-fd___0-.ts 2.3 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-23-03h52m32s-fd___0-.ts 16.0 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-23-19h19m28s-fd___0-.ts 2.6 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-24-01h45m51s-fd___0-.ts 18.1 GiB
vlc-record-2019-06-24-15h08m51s-fd___0-.ts 100.7 MiB
vlc-record-2019-06-24-15h19m51s-fd___0-.ts 339.4 MiB
1.1 MiB
1276844152-waffle_k_ltr.css 1.1 MiB
Lucky Lotus 8 Timetable.html 88.1 KiB
Readme.txt 1.1 KiB
Timetable-alt.txt 2.1 KiB


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