[3DS] マリオ&ルイージ RPG1 DX (JPN) (CIA)

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Torrent language: Japanese Japanese
Accepted Tags: Mario Luigi RPG Superstar Saga
Date: 1/1/2019, 4:58:32 AM UTC+0
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System: 3DS
Region: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: CIA (Unencrypted)

Released in Japan for the 3DS on 2017-10-05.. This is a remake of the GBA version, which was originally released in Japan on 2003-11-21..

This is the japanese version.. It does NOT contain any english option.. Use a 3DS app such as FBI to install the .cia files on a hacked 3DS.. Even the latest 3DS can be hacked if you buy a flash cart.. For information on hacking go to http://3ds.guide (On certain 3DS firmware versions you don't even have to purchase a flash-cart to hack it)..

If this torrent has less than 10 seeds, please keep seeding it after you complete it until it has 10+ seeds.. I don't want this torrent to die.. Thanks!


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